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Zombie TCG (Ultimate Guide)

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RequixEclipse    108

 Zombies TCG




 On the brink of a fractured universe, the undead mindlessly roam the isolated wastelands that we once called Earth. An alien rock, dubbed Element 115, has become the source of energy for these zombies to continue thriving, reanimating long-dead survivors. This element, unfortunately, attracted an unknown extraterrestrial race from another universe - the Apothicons. These creatures were once said to devour and consume entire worlds, feeding off any form of pure energy and life with an insatiable appetite. This, however, was the least of our worries.


 In the tear of fabric of time and space, slayers from different corners of realities and time had seemingly bled into this broken universe, unaware of the chaos that lay ahead of them. At the same time, dark entities who once held power over these alternate realities had also passed into this one as well, some still connected to the Dark Aether’s energy. Familiar with these evils, the remaining survivors joined forces to defeat the undead and evil once again.


 With mortal forces going against both the zombies and long-forgotten evil, the survivors must find a way to eliminate them once and for all before they gain control of the Aether’s true power to take over this, and many other universes.... or before the Apothicons finally consume what is left of this universe.



How to Play

Respective to the current game-play mechanics of the Zombies mode, one or more players act as the Survivor(s) in a quest to defeat the other player, the Controller, of the dimension. Unlike the actual mode, however, there is an end-game: the one who eliminates the other wins and claims control over this universe.




The Survivors are graced with Wonder Weapons, Traps, and Perks to aid them.

The Controller has a wide arsenal of enemy types to assimilate the current dimension. What happens when good and evil clash against one another? Well...that's for you - the player - to find out.



Since the Controller automatically presumes residence in the Aether, they are allowed to deal the first card onto the arena by pulling a card from the enemy pile. After the first zombie is chosen, the Survivor can now decide what the next move is. A card may be placed or bought which will use up 1 turn, or the Survivor can decide to attack the zombie.

When an attack is performed, a card will lose HP in the form of “hit marker chips”.




For example, if Tank Dempsey is attacked by a Zombie, his health will go 5 HP → 3 HP since a Zombie deals 2 damage. Thus, Tank Dempsey’s card will have 2 hit marker chips on it. If he reaches all 5 HP in chips at any point in the game w/o Juggernog, he will be downed. Likewise, if Tank Dempsey attacks the Zombie, the Zombie’s will go 3 HP → 0 HP because Tank Dempsey has 3 Attack Points (AP), and the Zombie only has 3 HP. At that point, the Zombie is killed and sent to the “Aether” (used) pile.


The determination of how much health a card has is depicted by the value of HP chips attributed to it. In the previous example of Tank Dempsey being attacked by a Zombie, the player must take away HP chips, so there should be HP chips amounting to a total of 3 (the player can choose how they would like to set it up, so long as the total value equates to what HP is left). 


A die may also be used if certain events, such as special effects from certain cards or hits at the Mystery Box for a lovely weapon to defend yourself. Who knows - it’s all in the gamble!


*I will be updating the OP with Basic set ups, Survior/Controller Setups, and much more! stay tuned!




Basic Setup

Minimum of two (2) type of players - one Survivor and one ControllerThe game will allow up to a maximum of five (5) total players, (4) Survivors and (1) Controller.

Every action takes up 1 turn, and 1 round is completed when both players finish their turns.

At the end of each round, Survivors get +1 HP chip returned as a form of health regeneration unless max HP is achieved.


Enemies, Bosses, and Controllers are unaffected by this.


Points (Zombies TCG Currency)  Rate generated for Survivors:

Each attack = 10pts         

Each Enemy kill = 250pts

Each Boss kill  = 500pts


How To Use A Survivor:

Players can choose whichever Survivor they deem worthy to protect the universe.

Survivors have the option to reshuffle their used weapon deck for a “Max Ammo” doing so will cost 10 points.

If a Survivor uses die and rolls a 6 on the "Power Up" card pile a "Max Ammo” is Granted.

(Trap cards require at least 3 rounds for re-use)

Survivors can only damage a Controller if there are NO undead are on the field. A total of 4 Survivors are allowed on the field.

(*An Extra Survivor can be added at any given time during the Survivor's turn. 1 turn will be sacrificed if a Survivor is added during a Solo game.*)


If there are 2 or more players playing only 1 Survivor allowed per player. Chose wisely as you will be stuck with this character until the end of the game. Should a Survivor go down, another Survivor may sacrifice 1 turn to revive them. If 2 Rounds pass (1 Action = 1 Turn ) without being revived, the downed Survivor will bleed out for 5 Full Rounds (Unless reanimated by another card’s effect).


If the downed Survivor is the only hero on the field, they automatically lose the game (Unless Quick Revive has been bought). Effects cannot replenish if a downed Survivor is revived or bleeds out.



Edited by RequixEclipse
Updating OP *Survivors*
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InfestLithium    520

Did you have these made? 

I actually made these, friendo. :smile: They've been out for months now, haha.

Also @RequixEclipse, I like positioning the Controller under any Enemy/Boss cards so the players know that it cannot be directly attacked unless there are no enemies on the field.

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RequixEclipse    108

*FACE PALM* I TOTALLY SPACED CREDS. @InfestLithium lol This Post would not be possible with out you. As I noted I'll be updating the OP lol I had just finished placing my photos when Boom time to go to Work!! Lol. 

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RequixEclipse    108

 I like positioning the Controller under any Enemy/Boss cards so the players know that it cannot be directly attacked unless there are no enemies on the field.


I honestly was unsure on the "proper/official" placement of everything

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Blurryface    142

Awesome post buddy. I love these cards. Trying to get the Mrs to play with me but she would rather play the actual game lmao. :sleeping:

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