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  1. So overall, did you like Zetsubou No Shima?

    I am not a big fan of this map so far. I don't play it very often. It is cool that it is challenging, but setting up takes too long. If I die trying to set up I usually don't want to play it again. Having to fill up the water buckets and swim underwater is a little annoying not to mention having to collect the parts for PAP. On a lighter note, the setting is great and it is a good looking map. Maybe I will try to spend some more time with it but for now this will be the map that I hardly play.
  2. Not sure where to post this topic

    Not really. I still have to change my password every time I wan to log in.
  3. I am so sick of the op thrasher in this map

    A lot of my deaths on this map have occurred from being blocked by the thrasher. Sometimes they even spawn under you when you are running. I don't know if they have patched that yet.
  4. Der Eisendrache Highest Round??

    Sorry for the late reply. I trained on the bastion with it.
  5. Der Eisendrache Highest Round??

    My highest round so far is 40. I used the lightning bow and a ray gun. You can get pretty far with the lightning bow. I have gotten to 38 with the void bow though.
  6. Shadows of Evil highest round

    31 solo unfortunately I used the civil protector which helped me a lot Trained in the room before Pack-a-Punch
  7. Not sure where to post this topic

    Hi guys, i have been having a loggin problem for a couple months now. I have tried to send a message using the contact us option but I have not been replied to. When i try to log in it says my password was wrong even though I just changed it. Every time I want to log in I have to reset my password even though I know what I changed it to.
  8. Is this a difficult strategy?

    Thanks! I will try the strategy that you mentioned also. This map is surprisingly a little less frustrating for me than BO3 shadows of evil even with the lava lol.
  9. Is this a difficult strategy?

    Does anyone like to do the strategy of training the zombies around the fallen table in the bar? I say it might be dangerous because It is easy to get stuck on something in that small space. When I get all of the zombies that spawn in a train I take them outside to shoot them. I am not good at this map though, so that could be a factor.
  10. Maxis in SOE?

    I have been seeing talk on these forums about Maxis being in shadows of evil. Does anyone have a link to a video about this? I have not found any indication of him, although I don't play this map as much as other people.
  11. The Forrest

    I never thought about it like that. It could make sense. I hope they will clear up this detail in another dlc. Knowing 3arc they might not.
  12. The Forrest

    Does anyone have a theory as to why in the pre game screen the characters are in a forrest? I remember the snapchats about a forrest. I don't know if that just pertains to the campaign- it might.
  13. Nero was in a Coma- Shown by Phonecalls

    I was hoping that someone else would notice the phone calls. I first noticed them after doing each ritual. The phones would be in the ritual rooms. I want to try to listen to all of them in the same game.
  14. Pack-a-punch buildable again? (spoiler maybe?)

    Ok, thanks for telling me. He was mentioning that it was a buildable on his vids, but since his channel is a multiplayer cod channel and not a zombies focused channel I should have taken it with a grain of salt lol.
  15. I was watching an Ali A video on Youtube today and a he was showing off the Shadows of Evil map. I thought that he mentioned that the pack a punch machine will be buildable in this map. I don't know how I feel about this. i didn't like that in Tranzit you had to build it and go through the trouble of finding the parts. How do you guys feel about this?