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  1. Medal Request Topic

    So, I know I've been absent for a while, but any chance I could still get my medals? Lol
  2. Der Eisendrache - Main Easter Egg

    It can be done with 1-4 players, but if you do it offline you will need to upgrade all bows, while online you only need to build one for each person in game.
  3. Medal Request Topic

    ...pretty please?
  4. Medal Request Topic

    Thanks, I still need the marlton and Nikolai medals, and also the regular medal as I've been here for a full year now. Plus the CODZ enthusiast if I get the fore mentioned medals
  5. Medal Request Topic

    Hey, could I get the medals I provided the proof for on page 2 of this topic? It's only been like a year since I posted it lol
  6. Moon & Der Eisendrache

    I doubt they will have to go to moon again. They are trying to stop the events of moon (the almost total destruction of earth) from happening, so unless they essentially fail their mission, they should not have to return to there....but the Easter egg isn't finished yet so I can only speculate.

    Easily one of the best ideas... Ever. Move over penicillin, because a zombies LFG is in the making.
  8. You're not buying the prop gun for 20,000. You are donating 20,000 to a charity that helps vets get back to work, and in appreciation you are being "given" the prop gun.
  9. Videos Database

    So.... I tried and got this.
  10. Videos Database

    CoDZ, your one stop zombies shop. it will be great to have everything centralized.
  11. Kind of, but something that would have a lot more meaning/connection. Plus it should be a full fledged perk, with a jingle and quote
  12. While the fading perks would be a great way to show the connection, it would be really cool if they added a perk that belongs there which didn't fade.
  13. Medal Request Topic

    So..... How about those medals?
  14. Xp challenges

    So, I've been thinking about the news of an xp based levelling system in zombies and at first I was kind of worried, it seemed like it would be a very grindy (not even sure that's a word). Then I realized how they could make even their worst maps replay worthy... Special challenges for extra Xp! They could even have different skill levels of challenges to keep you trying to improve. I'd like to hear all your thoughts on the matter.
  15. callofdutyzombies.com is moving

    should be awesome, can't wait to try the new site, and the new game, and my new Xbox one. I think I'm going to explode with newness soon