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  1. Amantha77

    Black Ops III DLC 1

  2. After beating the campaign on Realistic and taking the prestige in Zombies, I finally started to work on paintjobs and variants. Here are the first bunch of betas (some camos are missing)! Due to my playlist the first theme is Raildex! (A Certain magical Index & A Certain scientific Railgun.) First our #1 strongest esper Vesper, Accelerator! Refrence: Second! The top waifu of all time no questions asked nor answers given: Uiharu! (Camo missing - ???) Refrence: [Waifu warning] She may be third strongest level 5 esper in Academy city, but in Black ops 3, she kicks ass the most: Misaka Mikoto, the Ace of Tokiwadai! (Camo missing - Gold) Refrence: Last (hehe) but not least, the annoying brat that happens to control an army: Misaka Misaka, aka. Misaka 20001 aka. Last Order! (Camo missing - Something white) Refrence: These are just quick scraps, so brace yourselves, more are coming with wider variety of themes!
  3. Amantha77

    Something pretty big you might have missed

    One can have dreams can't they :( Please. Altho you are right
  4. So I was getting my Z camos on The Giant just now and was on my way back from L-CAR 9 wallspot to catwalk, guess what I saw. The good old 935 logo? No, look again. Yep, they changed it. The hand is not a lightning anymore, it looks more akin to a mushroom cloud leg. Many of you might just throw this off as a "But it's just a Black ops 3 remake, they just put the 3 in there". But I assure you, 3arch knows their shit (altho they love trolling too, but lets not talk about that right now) and they would not change something like this if they already had a good one without a reason. Same wall in WaW and Bo1 respectively Just to prove my point, here is the old one from Black ops 1, has the lightnings alright. What do we get from this? We are definitely mixing the universe up real good. I'm eagerly waiting for the comeback of Group 601. 3arch plz. Also, does that look kinda familiar somehow? (and just so you know, I know Black ops 1 loading screen has only two pillars, but I put that in expense of the the comic book style) EDIT: Fun little fact following the moment I realized this, L-CAR 9 PaP'd is called Flux Collider 935
  5. Amantha77

    CODZ Halloween Costume Party

    This sweet little girl who visited me left some sort of machine behind her. So until she returns for it, I shall keep you company. // posted as Jibril
  6. Amantha77

    Looking for those on PC - first SOE runs

    I have every DLC coming my way on PC, so just hit me up with invite and I'm in!
  7. Amantha77

    Sketchy thread

    So some of you already know that I learn by listening, which leaves a lot of free time for my hands during classes. Thing leads to another and shitty sketches are born! Here are some from last week as an apology for my absence from Media center (I had to get my privileges permissions checked). Spirit of pencils Hope for better Little me (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lN3psvKJNvQ) Courage Andromeda Haley Uiinon (Uiharu (A certain scientific railgun) + Shinon (Sword art online 2))
  8. Amantha77

    New Moderator: Welcoming Lenne to the the group

    I will miss your blue name but you sure are where you belong! #ShittyTumblrGifs
  9. Amantha77

    What Game Mode will you play first?

    I dun goofed and pressed the wrong button, but the same I do with every CoD game: Complete campaign playthrough on hardened, followed with some multi and max difficulty run. Zombies come when friends get their asses online. The storyline is just too damn good to be ignored ;)
  10. Amantha77

    Black Ops III Beta - Your Reviews / Newsletter

    Okay so here we go, since WaW PC player speaking. Weapons: Great balance, snipers feel like they actually pack some power, every gun fills their specific roles except for XM-53 that fills the pistol role in many builds on PC, pistols feel bit weak. Perks: Variety over cruch, no perk feels “must” at the cost of them being kinda meh unless you spend lots of points to perks, this good. Create ’o’ Class: Looks kinda silly but works like expected, 6 attachments for primary is a nice touch on variety. Balance: Nice in general, endgame scorestreaks need a tad of tuning up and flinch is bit of an overkill. Specialists: The lines they throw at different parts of the game are awesome, the more there are the better. Abilities: Bring lots of strategies into the game and don’t really impact the flow of the game in negative way Weapons: DotA style: sure it’s op, but everyone gets it so it’s fiiine. Scorestreaks: Early game streaks feel a bit too powerful and the Dart is unusable on PC due to horrific controls. Round of applause on the powercore, it finally does what EMP should, no lock-ons etc. Equipment: Smoke? EMP? 4Chan? Eternal stunlock? There are so much strong candidates to choose from! Lethals: All the lethals feel great, nothing more to say here. Attachments: Attachments work really well for the most parts, they do what they are meant for except the nerfs on stock and rapid fire feel bit too drastic from the last game. And don’t even get me started on the thermal. It’s the most sexy part of the game, it’s almost on par with MMS from Black ops 2 on my favourite attachments list. Plz no nerf ;~; Graphics: Just outright gorgeous, colourful yet it has that realistic dark vibe to it. Lots of variety for higher and lower end rigs (personal: solid 110fps with high settings). Game modes: I know spawns are bit rough during the beginning so I’ll skip those completely. The safeguard game mode is awesome. I was sceptic at first, but turned out it’s pretty 50/50 and balanced. Map design: They are big enough, but lack the really long sight lines. Lots of flanking routes for everyone, easy to predict enemy movements, 3Archs specialty, *slow clap*. Counter play: Every single thing has a counterplay mechanic, bravo. --- "Headed for exfil, the drinks are on me". My body is ready for November 6
  11. Out to more southern Europe for a month so you won't hear too much of me for while! Enjoy your time of hype with comicon right around the corner and don't let me be uninformed when I return, have a nice one!

    1. Lenne


      See you when you return and have loads of fun. :Victory:

  12. Amantha77

    What maps should return?

    CoD has had a tradition of bringing back fan favourite maps, so why would Black ops 3 be different? Forums vote system didn't give enough options and even in strawpoll I had to exclude Nuketown, c'mon, lets be serious, everyone wants it back... right? So go ahead and vote, I like maps some other people didn't so I'd like to see a general opinion : P http://strawpoll.me/4356687 In my opinion, Drone deserves some sort of award!
  13. Thanks for the UotM people! I'm gonna drop you something special in art thread soon!




    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0


  14. "Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.." I highly recommend checking the art thread in couple of days!

  15. Liking the cover photo, not many people are aware of it's existence yet. Did you also know that it appears on your hovercard when you mouse over your username?

    1. Amantha77


      Haha, I'm all about that customization and I love creating stuff like this (3arch plz more gun customization in BO3). I never realized the hovering thing tho', more I know, thanks : P

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