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  1. Looking for Professional and Active people to play with (PS3)

    I correspond to the criterias, if you are still interested.
  2. This Is not the end!

    longer than you think mate
  3. New Advanced Warfare Forum Skin

    Thanks for the info, so so far no Treyarch style zombies?
  4. New Advanced Warfare Forum Skin

    anyone have more info on the zombies in Advanced Warfare?
  5. Best zombies map?

    1. DeathBringerZen


      Hmm... Maybe... Origins for solo and CotD for coop? I don't know. Tough decision. They are all decent in their own way.

    2. Tattoo247


      Doesn't sound like it's game specific soooo, Nacht or ShangriLa for their difficulty.

  6. 2015 Zombie Perks/Weapon Levelling System!

    yes i also like the idea of ranks but we shouldnt exagerate on making the game more complicated than it has to be, thats just my opinion
  7. 2015 Zombie Perks/Weapon Levelling System!

    it seems great, but am i the only one who doesnt want zombies to get too complicated? for example i first started playing zombies on bo2 for a year or so and everygame i was always worried about my KD, so i can get the best rank. Then, a couple months ago, i started playing bo1 zombies and it just felt so great not having to worry about your stats. Am i the only one thinking this?
  8. Welcome to the forums z0mbiegod :)