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  1. Quiters

    This is probably my single biggest pet peeve, too many times everyone ready up and within two minutes of spawning in quit. While I agree that punishing people is a bit too much, there should be a stat of some sort. It probably wont deter people from quitting, but Ill at least know who I'm dealing with before I head into a game and just find a new lobby.
  2. Add me for Easter egg teams.

    I do have PSN, will add you tonight when I get out of work.
  3. Add me for Easter egg teams.

    Definetley looking to do some EE as well, Ive done the SOE EE already, but would be willing to do that one again.
  4. Quiters

    I just don't understand how everyone in a lobby will ready up, spawn in and people leave right away. Too many times a person will do that or spin a gobblegum not get what they want and leave.
  5. Box teddy bear sound and it taking everything

    Its called Samantha's curse, it happens randomly on Revelations when you get revived! Its happened to me twice already
  6. I'm the type of zombies player that gets a thrill from being a medic with randoms. Trying to get 70 revives a game and getting noobs to high rounds is my cup of tea. That being said I love the storyline, but I only complete easter eggs with friends a few weeks after there is a million tutorials on youtube out. I followed the hype around the other easter eggs in blops 3 and they were completed in such a short amount of time, I cant imagine what its like to try and figure this stuff out from scratch, but with others being "easy" to solve what about this one makes it so tough?
  7. So is the dlc live on ps4 already?
  8. Best Upgraded Bow?

    Wolf one is def the most powerful by far
  9. My thoughts on where Der Eisendrache's story is going.

    100% agree on this except for the dragon part, I think that the dragon will just be a gimick to getting the bow like the dogs in MOTD for the retriever.
  10. Zombie Aggression

    I am also a fan of the added challenge. Towards the end of the life cycle of blops2 it got way too easy for me to even enjoy maps for anything other than trying to carry randoms to high rounds on my back, but now I even enjoy playing solo because of the added challenge. I still rage when I get a down because of getting hit once and being slowed down to the point where all the zombies hit you at once but its a good change in my opinion.
  11. 10 Things you diddnt know about Shadows of Evil

    definitely did not know about the 500 point laundry thing good find!
  12. Same here! Its way too frustrating to start a match then have someone who will probably go down at some point have the power to end the game... like serious wtf lol
  13. I had a host end a game of shadows of evil last night on round 14 when he got downed. Why is this even a thing? A few matches later someone was afk and the game randomly ended the game on round 1.
  14. Women crying near the furnace near VMP?OldThompson Room

    I am 100% behind you on this one W33DMAN there just has to be more!