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  1. Hells Warrrior


    Not trying to restrict supplying of brains, more about saying to folk. Listen, a post that says thanks or hi isn't actually a post that deserves brains is it?   We know it's a difficult thing to manage, we know it will be used for supplying brains on other things, but we are trying to indicate to people to use common sense - that's all. I'm looking at a like post function but that's exactly what brains is, so whether two can work together is question that needs looked at and also needs to be tested.   Liking a post is fine but dishing out brains for a post that says "I agree" doesn't exactly deserve brains. Brains are a sign of a member that has assigned good quality posts imo (or should be).
  2. Hells Warrrior


    Agreed Boom, with the "off season" being a bit more prolonged on this occasion it might be worthwhile introducing a section for other games. Keeping things within that area to discuss other games (such as a sub forum within off topic. I know people hat sub forums but they are what they are,
  3. Hells Warrrior


    You see, I like the post you made Chopper and if a "like" button existed I would click "like". It doesn't deserve brains just because I like it though. Brains and like are two different things.   That's what we are trying to get across to you all on this subject
  4. Hells Warrrior


    A post can make you have fits of laughter, it doesn't mean it deserves brains (irrespective of how much you want to say you liked it) but clicking like (as you do on facebook) is not what brains is for. You can do a quick reply to say why it made you laugh though.
  5. I shall be playing some BOII later, probably on until 3am(ish) - give me a shout if interested GT is username on 360.

    1. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I'm on now, 1am here

    2. DeathBringerZen


      Sorry man, I ended up in a game with others as I did not see a response. I am free tomorrow for some if you want?

    3. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      No worries, we had a fun game on Die Rise lol

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  6. I'm going on CoD xbox360 - shall be on for a while, anyone wants to give me a shout please do.

    1. DeathBringerZen


      Hey Craig. I am down to help you do the EE's you need whenever suits. Hit me up anytime man. :)

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I've tried bud but your friends list is full ;)

  7. Origins tonight, who's up for some - a wee fastest easter egg time (within 12 rounds challenge). Think you can manage it, hoo me up on Live.

    1. Delta


      Time? And would you still complete it if you failed the fastest time?

  8. To buy or not to buy Ghosts for the One?

  9. Going on Xbox for an hour or so, wee bit of Origins.

  10. So jumped onto Origins last night, 1st game, 4 players with MICS (random game) - now that's unusual. Don't really mind players with no mics I'm sometimes one myself. Seriously though, round 15 WTF?

    1. Boom115


      That map can be a bit tricky without communication. Got your message sorry, I found myself in a grief tournament last night.

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Cool no worries, I'm on again tonight, not played zombies for a wee whole and I found last night that I've missed it.

  11. Right, I'm going on Origins later at about 9:30pm UK time (roughly 4:30 US) - if anyone is wanting a game hook me up.

  12. You can now name the spoilers if you want, you don't have to but you can ;)

    1. Lenne


      Thanks a lot. :)

  13. Status update test, without signing in through twitter.

  14. Status update, please sign in using twitter to post a status update on CoDz and Twitter @CoDzombieforum

  15. Testing codz status update link to twitter

  16. Hells Warrrior

    You're Banned!

    Banned for having one post short of 2110
  17. CoDz frontpage added, found under main navigation. Also working sorting kinks with the mobile version of the site ;)

  18. Hells Warrrior

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    No worries, glad you like the new features, but, pretty certain that your signature is a tad "erm" big any chance you could condense it?
  19. Status update, also being sent to twitter from CodZ

  20. Hells Warrrior

    You're Banned!

    Banned, just because I can
  21. Boom, Hells Warrrior testing, medal will be readded. Keep a note that it's the donor medal I have removed please.

  22. If you want to add spoilers, just use the editor and select BBCode from the top menu

  23. Hells Warrrior

    Origins Highest Round

    Round 32 last night , beating my highest with 4 players by 3 rounds.
  24. Hells Warrrior

    Origins Highest Round

    New highest of round 29 last weekend, also accomplished the easter egg. Perks: Jug, stamina up, speed cola, mule kick. Weapons MP40, wind staff, something from the box which I can't recall Players 4 Shield built, all staffs upgraded. Game ended when 3 of us went down in round 29 and then the remaining player turned round in the crazy place to kill some templars, ran into a wall and couldn't escape. We were going to finish the game on the next round anyway by going into the cut scene.

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