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    k3ys3r s0z3

    I sent messages to them both. So we will see

    So confused, so are we beatting down team prius today? Lol

    Depending on the time, I should be down. I work for acouple more hours and on dad duties solo tonight. But should be free around 8pm est. Just let me know if we get a more precise time. Also what challenge we attempting here?
  4. Exo Zombies: An Letter To the community

    I liked exo zombies. It was their first attempt at zombies and I aways felt it was very under rated. IMO only one bad map as I didnt like carrier. Only thing I didnt like was the emp zombies as they just become a pain in high rounds. Extintion on the other hand I just didnt get and never got into.

    Yeah hopefully we can hold on. Was a good game tonight with 935. Cant wait to see the next teams run
  6. Hi Im K3ys3r S0z3 (keyser soze)

    Hello all. Been around for while but been lurking in the shadows since I couldnt login for awhile(my own fault) Ive been playing zombies since waw. And been hooked since. Use to be into high rounding but my son sort of put a stop to that. I even played exo zombies and maybe like one of 3 people to enjoy tranzit. Will be around more since I have the power of auto save password. Muhahah Im also on twitter if anyone ever wants to reach me there. My handle is @k3ys3r__s0z3

    Yeah I lve been lurking for awhile. I had the login issues but forgot you guys helped me out with that. lol

    Again thanks for the fun games
  9. Tranzit hate???

    Yeah still my favorite map "Too separated to get downed players that are too far away. Even with staminup and quick revive, it can be a super hassle just to get a player at the bus depot from town or dinner, this prompts players to stay together." Yeah I just accept the fact if I go down no one is getting me. Plus is fun to mad scramble to set yourself back up after a round 32 down. "Teleporters don't even make sense, why does a fancy lamp and a denizen depict if one can teleport to another lamp? Makes no sense!" Come on, lets be honest how does any teleporter make sense. lol
  10. Origins Highest Round

    Why the fuck would you glitch for a long game is beyond me. It takes about the same amount of time. You say 91, I see 0. Sorry should have just lied like everyone else.
  11. Highest Round on Buried!

    I hadnt played this map in months and just popped out a 43. Was actually going for a suicide round in the maze since for some reason I dont have the mazed and confused achievement. I was setting everything up had the resonator, turbine, trample steam and head chopper. I figued camp with all this set up with my back to the door and maybe I get it. Had one zombie was was jumping the door to get ready and hit my head chopper and hit the ground and died. lol
  12. Is the EE solved yet?

    I have to look at this from a logical point if view. Had this been found during the time of release to last dlc, maybe. Fact is this is a very old map and many people have looked over it and many modders have looked into the code and found nothing. So sadly like many are gonna tell ya here. Any argument otherwise without a video is moot.
  13. Official No Man's Land Records

    I got like a 100 and got jug and thought that was awesome. Just recently learn of this challenge and others. I will have to attempt it soon.
  14. I nearly died from laughter last night

    I had a good one from waw days. Well I was a good kid back then and always had my mic on. Well got a lobby with 2 mic and one non. I use to always joke and tell people the non mic was legit, and he was the jesus of zombie slayers. Anyway we played der riese and me and this guy carried the game. On round 19 I messed up, went down, then the other guy went down coming for me. So we were talking about it being over, laughing at the non mic guys many almost downs, and just overall being a jerk. Well surprise it looks like the guys gonna pull thur. Were like well good job, well 1st we get jug, then buy the stp...etc. The guy gets it down to one crawler and the holds out a grenade and kills himself. Normally would have been pissed but laughed so hard I cried, and totally deserved it.
  15. Tranzit hate???

    I agree with a lot but I feel the things annoying people dwell on too much. But I do have to disagree with you on die rise. I think that map is complete garbage and only play it to help with EE's and most of the time my answer is no to that. I know I will get bashed but everyone loves that map and I dont see whats good about it at all. Pretty spot on on a lot of stuff.