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  1. Man all you guys have been doing awesome work on this front, particularly 83457 and Ragdo11706. It's incredible to see how many variables and options you've tried, and the methodical way in which you work through this stuff. Simply awesome! Having said that, after lurking and reading everything you do, I'm worried you are way too deeply invested in what may or may not be 'a thing'. Can I very respectfully suggest taking a breather for a while and enjoying the new map. Just hook in and enjoy the gameplay again, learn all Der Eisendrache has to offer, and get back to the fundamentals: killing those pesky zombies!
  2. Tranzit hate???

    The following is true for everything in life; Some people will like it, others will not. Personally this is the map that got me fully hooked on Zombies. Still, it all boils down to preference, and I think this topic has run it's course.
  3. Who is "Eddie"?

    It is on the basis of this post, some contributions and a handful of other posts that I will no longer visit this site. You are grasping at straws and, like so many others here, totally unable to accept the outcome. The post above me is spot on. The rest of you are retards.