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  1. Rocket in the 2nd picture looks to be in a playable area!
  2. I wonder if those launch pads and surrounding areas are open to players to explore. If so, I think a deep snow mechanic might be used like mud on origins. Or they could just be part of the backdrop.
  3. Der Eisendrachen Location - Hohenwerfen Castle

    Thanks for sharing! There is some joke music in those videos :) On the other hand i can visualize the map now i think its going to be pretty tight? I am hyped and happy to be going back to Europe, back to WW2 and all with the O4 i presume. Those ice caves look eerie and have a zombies vibe to them as it is. I bet treyarch booked both places out to take photos/mapping ect.
  4. Der Eisendrachen

    Hmm all i'm seeing right now is MPD! What is this facility and what purpose does it serve! The trailer will reveal all I assume.
  5. Der Eisendrachen

    Is that a pyramid or a mountain? Left of the castle XD
  6. Shadows of Evil: Character Quotes

    Nice work, can't wait to read scripts.
  7. What do you guys think of the new map?

    The atmosphere is great, after i turned off the music of course :) The map is so detailed, there's so much to look at you can tell thy've had plenty of time ot polish. The map is quite difficult to get past round 11/12 with my non pro zombies playing friends, they need to learn to save points hah and not hit the box!