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  1. The Gate of the Gods,And the Real Life Gerche Device

    i agree n can empathize on the age of this thread. i read and posted on here becuz quantum physics and fringe science is a passion of mine. it has a power source which are frequencies between the earth's moon and venus whose gravitational fields act as magnets and allow the mechanism to function. the black box is basically an antenna to hone in and intercept these frequencies. it is believed the box is made out of solid granite which leedskalnin discovered when studying the giza pyramids. the fascinating part is the crank mechanism he used. this crank was grounded and turned thirty degrees west which creates opposition to the surroundind energy field by introducing an opposite flowing electrical current which is what powers the granite as it is radio-active. the granite then releases this magnetic frequency n thus you have anti-gravity. but this is only half of what's needed for "leaping" as this does not rip the matrix that is space. though science is close.
  2. The Gate of the Gods,And the Real Life Gerche Device

    not to create a flaw in this real life gersche device, but leedskalkin's black box was an anti gravity device using a series of magnetic principals and the natural sonic frequencies of our solar system. more of an all powerful levitation than anything which he stumbled upon when studying the ancient egyptians. though the science involved is merely a half to the mass transference equation. a so called gersche device is real but only a short hand of it for now.