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  1. ETEl2NAL407

    Mini Juggernog Fridge's Three Tunes

    I was just going to suggest that we get the mini jug fridge and crack it open for some modifications. I have a strong knowledge of sound equipment and electrical sensors, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I'm planning on getting the mini jug fridge (if I'm not too late) and if I of, I'll attempt to mod in the jug jingle and post a tutorial. Still, a full sized, fully modded machine like you're planning is far cooler.
  2. ETEl2NAL407

    The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    Four colors is too much!!!
  3. ETEl2NAL407

    The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    It could explain the gumball machines. Maybe Samantha is helping this group defeat their 'manifest sins' as a way to weaken the Vril-Ya/Great Evil. If so it must be the Origins Samantha in order to keep the former G935 timeline whole. This still bugs me that there are essentially 2 Samanthas in control at the same time, or at least that is an inevitability now. Hopefully more will revealed when we actually play.
  4. ETEl2NAL407

    The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    Nice theory. Seems very accurate. One issue though... Zombie eye color. Should be: Yellow=Samantha Blue=Richtofen Red=Vril-Ya I know in The Giant trailer we see yellow and so we should see red for Shadows of Evil, right? I'm thinking the trailer has those as yellow. Why? If SoE is the continuation of MotD, why are the zombie eyes yellow?
  5. ETEl2NAL407

    How is there 2 richtofens?

    The teleporter is being manipulated by Samantha from the Aether. The reason Origins Rich knows what to do is because Samantha reached back through time or dimensions to talk to Maxis and reshape the events of Origins. The Giant is the continuation of that reshaping, so maybe we have to stop the evil at Der Reise during the Eclipse and that's the EE we'll see in this map. Who knows, maybe there will be more maps to finish this arc.
  6. ETEl2NAL407

    The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    That is what I'm talking about. That radio log gives us a point in time because this trailer contains the real-time event of that radio log.
  7. ETEl2NAL407

    The Giant: A Sequel to Origins

    This could be the sequel, sure. If so, that's the Origins Richtofen who kills his older self from the timeline we're all familiar with (this is suggested by the Maxis quote just before we see the older Richtofen). When the characters mention 'waking the other test subjects', I'm going to assume they mean their older selves, but could be wrong. Getting away from the clear signs in this trailer, let's compare this to the Origins EE cutscene like we're seeing if this puzzle piece will fit. In the cutscene we only see 'Eddy' and Samantha discussing and exercising their control over the zombies which suggests they're on the same plane of existence. We only hear Maxis, so I'm going to assume the cutscene was meant to represent the Aether. Eddy is actually just the immortal youthful projection of Richtofen. This means that the cutscene takes place after the events of Moon, but since time is irrelevant within the Aether, it doesn't matter that Origins occurs chronologically before in the physical realm. Furthermore we can take the events of the Origins EE at face value, Samantha is reaching across the void of time to contact Maxis and shape the outcome of events. I think if The Giant is the continuation of that point, it must be 'Maxis' Plan' that Samantha mentions in the cutscene. So far, Richtofen has already been eliminated by his younger self who apparently teleported there with the help of Samantha. What evil are they mentioning? Is this the same evil that Samantha mentions during Moon? The evil that's even worse than Richtofen? There are questions from this for sure, but if looked at as the sequel to Origins it truly does segue pretty well. What can be said about the chronology of the previous maps though? I'm thinking this sheds even more light onto the entirety of the story. SNN, Verruckt, etc. were different test sites for 115 and all followed the events of Origins. Our O3 are kept locked away until the test is commenced (which is endless waves of undead, apparently) which they subsequently lose control of and must flee to the next site via teleporter in classic comic book fashion. Now we'll see 2 sets of these characters and hopefully continue to face this evil they mention. With 2 sets of Origin 4 characters, The Giant will have some great Grief matches for sure.
  8. ETEl2NAL407

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Holy Lord...Someone send this to MMX, he'd truly appreciate it.
  9. ETEl2NAL407

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    I love facebook and messenger, of course, the day they ask people to upload their consciousness into a virtual reality super server, I'll be the first to volunteer.
  10. ETEl2NAL407

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Haha, I only eat chicken sandwiches I make myself. If you want a picture of the ones we had, I'll set you up with @'s Instagram. It's in there somewhere between all the bikini, photoshoots and designer clothes. I don't really use instacrack, but thanks for offering to show me bikini shots of your lady? ...not really sure how to feel about that xD In a related story, my sister is making slow-cooked Mojo Chicken for dinner and I have to smell savory, delicious, roasting chicken all day. FML
  11. ETEl2NAL407

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    I'm sure you can do better than an image of a McDonald's Premium Chicken...smh
  12. ETEl2NAL407

    Your Top 10 TV Shows

    Game of Thrones House of Cards The Leftovers MasterChef Seinfeld Walking Dead Breaking Bad Lost Star Trek: Enterprise What Would You Do? A couple shows here may need some explanation... The Leftovers is the newest, first season is nearly done on HBO now. Only 2 more episodes left. It's from the main writer of Lost (Damon Lindeloff) and one of the stars is an ex-Doctor (Christopher Eccleston for all you Whovians) MasterChef is a cooking competition with Gordon Ramsay as a judge, and a couple other notable names. It's great because all the competitors are home cooks with little to no restaurant experience. Star Trek: Enterprise is the prequel to the Original Star Trek series with William Shatner. It is a fan fiction show that follows the format of the original, but it's updated to modern production technology and quality. I love this show for quenching those sci-fi cravings. What Would You Do? is a hidden camera show that sets strangers up in controversial situations and films how they react. Some are really good like the one they did about domestic violence. Actors portraying a young couple were arguing in public with many onlookers and the show wanted to learn: who would step in? who would call the police? would things be different with a white couple? a black couple? a mixed couple? Constantly they're probing very controversial topics and putting people in those situations. Great show.
  13. ETEl2NAL407

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    Wow, I missed a lot of forum stuff this weekend... I have a simple remedy for all of that: Age-specific content restrictions.
  14. ETEl2NAL407

    The Official Chicken Sandwich Enthusiasts' Club

    My job is constantly scheduling me for small training updates and refreshers throughout the year and I get them in my email...Just thought this one was especially cool and I'm sure you can all appreciate why:
  15. ETEl2NAL407

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    It's your turn.

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