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  1. Zombie buffs?

    Being able to see thru walls makes perfect sense since the zombies always know where you are, they're never looking for you. Zombie vision has my vote.
  2. The guy I did the EE with had knife and went down a few times in Tranzit; exploring, bulking up bank acct, getting achievements... lost his knife. We played one game of Town/Survival immediately afterwards in an attempt to get it back and it worked. 2 players quit on us and we got to round 21, he had 835 kills and 1 down. So you can totally lose it. I saw my friend ClassyJazzy gain her shotguns, lose them and get em back all in one night. Also I've seen knife and shotties without blue eyes, often... so Welsh has some incorrect theories. It's a little disappointing that I will never have a knife, much less shotguns. I learned to play on BO2, I have almost 600 downs. Most of my stats are in the top 10,000 except my revives, perks drank, doors and distance traveled which are all in the top 3,000. I play ALOT, I've gotten pretty good. I always have twice as many kills as the next best guy on the team and I don't buy Tombstone because if I go down, 99 times out of 100, the games over. Actually I've been known to down myself early towards the end of a round to get all 6 perks on Town, but that's beside the point. I'm really good now and I don't think this will ever be reflected in my rank because I'm in 6.5 millionth place as far as deaths go. I won't start another acct just for an upgrade even tho I'm on PSN and I have 3 e-mail addresses but man it's tempting. Especially when knife and shotgun players keep backing out of the lobby. I guess my stats are good enough to usually be paired up skulls mostly, knife every once in a while but rarely ever crossbones and never shotguns. Maybe I am somewhere in the middle but I really think I'm better than average. My highest round, 34 was in the top 1,000 for awhile, now it's more like 2,000. But I had 98 downs. :-) It was pretty early on. Oh to play with those three again, and their PaPed Ballistic Knives, now that I'm hardcore. I wonder if theater would still have that game? It was about 700 games ago, I really doubt it.
  3. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    I wouldn't say that's PROOF of trolling, I'm surprised Spider would say it was. Good troll if so.
  4. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    Or yeah, take the PaP'd MTAR to the derailed trains in the fog, or to BirdDogDan's "train station".
  5. Maybe A Post From Treyarch? Hint?!

    Yo I was on Survival when I did it but I PaP'd the MTAR like 4 or 5 times and got a different scope every time. I'm not big on MP but I got what I think y'all are calling the Millimeter scope the 3rd time, the Target Finder the 4th time and I'm pretty sure something else the 5th. If I could find SOMEONE to help me do the ToB, I would go to the roof of the diner and look towards the moon with these different scopes, as I tend to think the poem leads to the Diner, especially the 'derailed' part since the regular route is blocked and you end up at the Diner. And the spectrograph, possibly even the whatever-gram that changes the letters to 'EMP 24 HOUR'. Someone get the MTAR and try this, or help me do the ToB and I will. PSN: Bigshrimpn83 (preferrably have table already built)