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  1. The Face Behind The Avatar

    +1 Congrats on dad I will be a parent soon enough. BTW welcome to CoDz. oh wow right on congrats to you too! and thanks
  2. The Face Behind The Avatar

    me and my son, hes turned 5 months old on the 9th and also, thought i would revive this topic :twisted:
  3. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    got to 33 yesterday night but had to leave the game cause I have a son and have to take care of him....I could have went higher into the rounds but oh well theres always another day! :D
  4. I like the box room under the infirmary, the roof, the dock is a kind of a good spot but not for higher rounds, and I think the shower room is a not that bad of a spot. so overall there is quite a few places to kite but people WANTEDa map that brought back the feel of verruckt and i feel this map brings back many a nostalgia factor for me. :D
  5. Highest Round on Alcatraz Island?

    25 the 4th time i played, and we did the EE and i got a few other achievments in that same game :D
  6. after all the hype

    ya i agree with lunatic, with PHD on die rise you would have no fall damage so the only thing that would kill you would be the death barrier, i could care less about not taking explosive damage but no fall damage on die rise??!? cmon now.......
  7. Map pack release?

    in my region (canada) i got the map packs at like 6-7am not at midnight but whos to say their midnight isnt my 6-7am lol. anyways good luck hopefully you dont have to wait up all night or wake up uber early!
  8. Trample Steam Quick Travel

    wow thats pretty cool, and good to know. great find :)