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  1. ADFGX cipher

    ^^^ Exactly. Hope everyone that looks at this thread reads this.
  2. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    My understanding is that each one of the columns represents a letter, so the key word has to be six letters long and not repeat the same letter. To decode, you would alphabetize the letters in the key word from left to right, and put that order above the columns. This assigns columns to the letter. From there, move the columns to spell out the key word correctly. With the columns now in the right spots, pair letters from left to right, top to bottom to use against the alphabet table. Tl;dr: Until we get in-game to track down the key word (hopefully), we need a program that breaks these codes or we need a lucky guess.
  3. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    I tried these words using the standard alphabet table layout. Here are the first six letters using these as keywords: Prison - YMSDSN Island - RXSNDS Flight - OXRTCN Zombie - I/J XSODN Whole lot of nothing (assuming I did it right and the alpahbet table is standard). My thoughts? It's probably a six letter German word. Anyone know any cryptographers? Where's Robert Langdon when you need him? :D
  4. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    Do you think the ADFGX sequence, as headers of the rows and columns for the alphabet square, would change or would they generally remain fixed in the order of ADFGX? Guess what I'm wondering is if the alphabet table would ever change layout, or if it was more common to keep it consistent.
  5. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    I tried Capone and didn't get anywhere...
  6. Rules of Die Rise

    Funny, I was totally going to say don't bother trying to get to the AN. Slide killed me again this morning on solo. :evil: