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  1. Let's Talk Leaks

    I thought the future zombies section had leaks allowed......Sorry if I spoiled the surprise or anything.
  2. Welp there goes my excitement....

    I really don't know why you guys were a Die Rise trailer one anyways,we already got a lot of info on the map.We know that there will be: -New buildables -New 'wonder weaponry' -It takes place in China on a series of crumbling skyscrapers -The crew from Green Run is back -Perks are in elevators -Meteors fall from the sky -MC Escher's endless staircase style paintings somehow has to do with the map design That seems like enough info for me.Besides the map comes out in less than 5 days so you can just 'dissect' the actual map. And by the way.Kino,Five,Dead ops,Ascension,and Moon didn't have trailers.Neither did Nuketown till the day it released on Xbox.So I'm surprised you weren't disappointed on the lack of info on those maps as well.