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  1. Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    One of the top comments on youtube was that you had to get 2,500 perks drank in order to get perma-jug. I highly doubt this but it might be worth a try. I just don't see why 3arc would put that in because quite frankly it would make the game to easy, its like having painkiller in mw2 except for the whole game every game :lol:
  2. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    Thank you guys for accepting my application so quick! Quit my old level 25 clan for this and I'm super excited for whatever the new clan ops have in store, and can't wait to see if elite supports zombies too. This is gonna be great with so many members!
  3. CoDz Elite Clans for Black Ops 2. Apply Now!

    I'm joining, I need some sh*t to do on these godawful maps...