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  1. Zombie Suggestions

    Another idea I would love: I wish in Black Ops they had randomized everything. Randomize the perk-a-colas in each map, randomize the super wonder weapons (i.e Thundergun on Call of the Dead or maybe JGB on "Five"), and also randomize the special zombies like maybe one time you'll have George on Kino or space monkeys on Verruckt. It would've built so much variety for the game.
  2. Highest Round on Call Of The Dead?

    Solo - 26 (had seven of the perks and end up failing) Co-op - 28 (3 players)
  3. Zombie Suggestions

    I have another small suggestion this time. When you spectate one of your teammates, you should be able to see what perks they have and their ammo count.
  4. Zombie Suggestions

    I think there should be a map that randomizes the location of the off the wall weapons with each round that you pass, making it more of a challenge. Like, say you have the Ak-74u in the spawn location, but in the next round the off wall weapon there is now an Olympia.