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  1. IW Zombies Mega Thread

    The Facemelter's effect is shown @1:22 in the trailer.
  2. FLOPPING!!!

    Why when the current slide mechanic is far superior than "dolphin" diving? I could see how PDH Flopper could be useful with the fire and all but it's always been a useless perk in my opinion unless you were using M&S or Ray Gun. There are plenty of other useful perks right now and Flopper just seems like a wasted perk slot much like Deadshot Daiquiri.
  3. Studio "Firing Range" Theory

    My problem with this theory is that you cannot take something, change most of it and say it predicted something. If you were to say that the old west part of Studio predicted Buried that'll be fine but to say the piratepart of the map predicted ZNS is a little ridiculous. Hell, I'd give you though about the castle and DE but the two Ray Guns are just that, two mk1 Ray Guns.
  4. PaP in Gorod Krovi Theory

    After watching Glitching Queen's latest video I believe she's on to something. Basically her theory is that we use the Dragons much like the plane in MotD to travel to the PaP area. After watching the DLC trailer a few times I noticed, as many of you have probably also, what appears to be the map for this DLC. The first one I have rotates to match the one seen in the green monitor. If you look at the one on the green monitor you will notice that a few buildings are slightly highlighted a brighter green than the rest of the areas. The areas on the right side match the other map pretty well but if you notice on the far left of the green image there is another area that's not on the other image. I believe that this area is the PaP area and the only way to reach it is via the Dragon(s). Let me know what you guys/gals think.
  5. AfterLife 2.0

    If you watch closely you can see that the "creature mode" activates as the character passes the purple fountain. Now obviously the HUD and action button cues are edited out of the trailer. I would bet that the character ativated the fountain and mode as they passed by the fountain like the OP is saying. I think you are onto something with this "Afterlife 2.0" style mechanic. And I bet the red writings will replace the "eye" from MotD's afterlife.
  6. Multiple Blundergats from the Box?

    The poster and skulls can be explained if you were playing on easy. As far as the Blundergats I don't know.
  7. Seemingly Random text, or an encrypted message?

    What about Warden? Obtain the Warden's key?
  8. shortcut to the mystery box without trample steam

    I always just buy the double door from spawn, go down the hallway behind QR, drop down the stairway into the SVW room, go behind the cafe counter and down the slide. Only cost 750 and less frustrating then trying to strafe jump ( I suck at that anyways lol). Plus you can get the teddy on your way.
  9. Tombstone

    It looks to me like it says "RIP Fomula".
  10. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I've been following this thread since OP and I think its gotten out of hand. Shangra-la is on Earth, semi-present day (present for BO story timeline), in the mountain jungles of Asia. The Antartic theory is fairly sound but requires too much research on our part that is never brought up in the story we have from the radios. Mars and Moon are just too far fetched. I know, I know, "so are zombies and time travel and blah blah blah..." . But we are just grasping for things now and finding things to make them fit. Maybe we are on Europa or Titan or Venus or Atlantis... If there was something really significant in the "moutain" or "range" tweets, they would tell us. I think they just want to revive a map majority of zombie players didn't like. Storywise it was great, playable-wise it sucked. It's been entertaining to "watch" everyone here try to find meaning in all this but its just not there. Like Samatha's face in Ascension. One word truely describes all of this, Pareidolia.
  11. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Has anyone checked out the MW3 face off map "Ashore"? Its kind of interesting. On one side of you is a mountain that looks like the on in question from Shangra La. On the other side across the ocean is iceburb like objects. In the center of the map you play on a ship that closely resembles ( its not the exact ship) from CotD. Somebody should check this out, its kind of freaky.
  12. Perk-a-Colas

    I for one don't think they need any new perks. Quick Revive, Jugg, Speed Cola, Double Tap, and Mule kick is all you really need. Flopper never really had a use until the dome on the Moon. Deadshot is just a waste. Stamina Up is okay on multiplayer but kinda useless solo.