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  1. Cool story bro, but this thread is about things we dislike about random games. not bag on way2g00's opinions. take it somewhere else please.
  2. Official No Man's Land Records

    Uploaded a recent game, I think this is the place to post it sRAsGewdL1k
  3. EVERYTHING Way2g00 said! Pinpointed a lot of annoying things in random games that i'm sure all of us have experienced at some point or another :/ But even if I find the most annoying people to play with in the world who do a majority of these things on a daily basis, I still play respectfully. I still go for revives like a bat outta hell, I still keep that crawler at the end of the round, I still escort downed players to their perks even after being trash talked for 25 rounds. This is for a few reasons: #1 - Because it's simply the right thing to do. Trolling people back and holding grudges isn't worth the effort for the couple hours that game will last. #2 - Because I like to think that playing the way I do will teach others how to play the same. Monkey see, monkey do. #3 - Because players like us who understand the game in ways that average everyday randoms don't can probably play the game to any situation. (I.E. - letting the other players decide which doors to open and what spots to train won't affect the way we play our game.) While a lot of these things are annoying, they don't make the game impossible to play. Think about it, if every single game you played went exactly the way you wanted it, how much variation and fun would you have in it? I think of little things like players taking my kills and opening up the wrong doors as small challenges that keep the game fun I guess my message here is even though there are frustrating people out there to play with, we should still be calm and courteous :)