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  1. The "Wunder-ful" Wunder-Weapon Discussion!

    Hmmm. How about a new crossbow wonder weapon? Shooting 2 at a time connected by a length of cable with exploding tips. Could catch a group of 10 deadheads and blow em away. I think it would be very effective in those situations that you have decided to play on line and the other team mates are less than competent. Call it the Wonder Draht ( Wonder Wire) DOH-10 maybe? DOH meaning Dregs of Humanity (a group of people in society who you consider to be immoral and of no value) and 10 meaning it can group 10 at a time. It would look much like a regular cross bow except with 2 rails with the cable being exposed in the middle. Ammo 2(the connected arrows only count as 1) and can be re collected. Instant kills up to round 10, makes crawlers until round 20, and will only wound after round 20 but it will still hold the zombies in one place until it explodes. Reload time 4 seconds. PaP it and it will now hold 3 rounds and only take 2 seconds to reload. To even out the power I have thought of some parameters. It will only catch 10 zombies if there are 10 in a close enough group about 5 inches apart. If there are 10 but only 5 of them are within in 5 inches of each other it will only catch those 5. The accuracy plays another part yo must have it aimed at the waist line. Aiming above or below the waist line will only stop the zombies for a couple seconds but it will not explode. The detonation time will be the same as an exploding crossbow.
  2. Ya know as many times as I have watched that show until you said that I never really made the connection....come to think of it red could be his twin!!
  3. To me, being called a nerd isn't a bad thing at all. I can relate though. When I try to talk to my Dad about ancient aliens, and pyramids on the moon, and things of that nature, he says to me "That sounds like a bunch of conspiracy theorist stuff again". And he uses the term 'conspiracy theorist' towards me as if it were a bad word. I talked to my dad about stuff like that once, my dad is really old school so this is what he told me. "What the f**k is the matter with you? do you really believe all that bulls**t? Now quit f**king around and help me finish this car. lol
  4. Your current fave maps?

    Ohhh ok got ya. Hey while I am at it I have another post that is dead dead dead. could you do me a favor the numbers in SNN 4 8 16 23 42 everybody says its from lost I found something else search up on Taman Shud and see if you can find any connections between zombies and that case. I dont know enough of the zombies story yet, with the exception of knowing about the characters stories.
  5. Your current fave maps?

    Hey seeing as how you like verruckt so much on solo, I have a question. As I played verruckt WaW version on pc I noticed that the characters voice didnt sound like any I had heard before. He sometimes you messed with the wrong Marine but it sound nothing like Tank. who is the character? Peter maybe??