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  1. Tac Inserts..

  2. Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Me and my friend can't get past round 13 on TranZit but have gotten to round 20-25 town several times on the leaderboards. Both have blue eyed skull Nuketown Solo: 18 Tranzit (1): 18 Tranzit (2): 13 Tranzit (3): 13 Tranzit (4): 13 Town (2): 25 Town (1): 20
  3. 12 Hours to go!

    Charlie Intel says 1 hr and a few minutes, so around 6PM UK.
  4. Calling all of you out

    Not knowing much about the game will keep it played more for longer. If we knew everything about the map/weapons perks etc then we would be bored by around January because there would be nothing to find out
  5. Calling all of you out

    Yeah, knowing map names makes us dastardly cheaters. I was talking about a big leak.
  6. Calling all of you out

    Its hard not to discuss leaks when your theory is based on leaked info, however we should be glad that we can come up with theories based on released info and speculation other than depending on leaked documents which could be fake to structure a theory. Looking at leaked info is basically being a cheating idealist i suppose. Idealist? I dunno a word for someone who comes up with theories, idealist will have to do. :lol:
  7. I want to see lots of gameplay and like little bits of information about new perks and weapons and game-modes. Also some Nuketown zombies gameplay
  8. New Zombie Teaser!

    I think the video is showing the Nuketown power on sound, as the TV looks like its from Nuketown
  9. I'll just Pre-order the regular edition tomorow on GAME or Play.com and if the Hardened edition is any good i'll upgrade to that if possible.
  10. I shall imagine all will be revealed in August, even if there not in any edition i'm pretty sure they will be released as monthly elite DLC because i can't see the zombie team having a good map ready every month. If i wait until the Hardened edition is announced to pre-order it, and when it is announced i don't like it and i choose to order the standard edition, will i get all the bonuses or will i be to late?
  11. I agree with it should be free, and i also agree that they should spend there time on developing more maps but i don't know how long or how much effort it would take to transfer these maps into a downloadable file. Say the Hardened edition is £70 ($110) and with that you got the game, maybe a little new zombie map without much backstory like Nacht or ''FIVE'' (But not as little as DOA) 2 old MP maps, Summit and Firing range aswell as Nuketown 2025 and some other physical stuff that would make it worth £70. Then it would also include the 11 zombie maps, which would make it worth more than £70, making them free. One thing i do ask, keep the black ops guns in the black ops maps box, and put the WaW guns back in the WaW maps box! **Removing George from CoTD would be nice, but would leave the VR-11 even more useless than it already is :lol:
  12. I've been ranting about the hardened edition for BO2 lots this year because it might include the old zombie maps and i really want to know if it does and when its released. Is it likely they will include them? It will boost sales greatly IMO. I've never bought a hardened edition before so i don't know the price range of them. Could anyone tell me roughly how much it would cost (GBP £) and would you get a download code for the maps or do they come on the disc? Hopefully Nuketown 2025 is also included in Hardened
  13. The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Love this theory! What if shangri la is after moon? Theres probably some evidence saying that its not and despite richtofens body switch and stuff but it could've been blown of by the rocket explosion? Maxis might have wanted it gone because of the masses of 115 on it which is shown by the mines there. Also this map must've been set waaaaaay in the future for the advances of technology to be able to put animals and plants on mars and have the use of electricity.
  14. Black Ops 2 Official site & Trailer Discussion!

    When i try to look at this it says my IP is blocked?
  15. Wheres the april 24th reveal? Its 7 at night in the UK it'l be the 25'th before the 24'th ones revealed over here! :lol: