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  1. Can anyone help with the Easter Egg on Die Rise for PS3? Richtofen side? I'll be eternally grateful :3

  2. hello guys. anyone wanna help out with WaW/BO1/2 Trophies please? PSN: DudeInDistress

  3. I miss BO1

    1. Boom115
    2. Delta


      I still regularly play it. I fear for the day the disc breaks and I can't find a replacement.

  4. Question for those who played this map quite a bit. I hail from PS3 land so I can't access this stuff yet. I did NOT like TranZit/Green Run tho I enjoy big maps. How does die Rise compare to (my two favourite maps) Ascension and Moon? Or is it more reminiscent if Shangri-la (narrow paths and such)?
  5. New map is in Japan

    That's what I thought, it could be Hong Kong. Even in large image, and yes, the characters can all be in Kanji but I cannot discern any Hiragana, Katakana. So, I'm not ruling out another Asian country (Mainland China or Hong Kong)
  6. Achievements! (might be a leak)

    I call bluff.