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  1. The End Cutscene Discussion [SPOILERS] [SPOILERS]

    I'm REALLY trying to like this easter egg but I can't seem to get there at all. I've gotten passed that zombies isn't what it used to be; what I fell in love with 7 years ago (I was a little late) like @Slade said. I bought into Blundell's storyline hoping for it to be just as good as Zilenski's, and it really could've been that in my opinion. Ever since Monty was thrown in as a cop out last minute I really enjoyed the BO3 storyline, not the maps though. Revelations as a whole just seems very rushed and incomplete. With Sophia becoming our savior despite only being reintroduced to us in GK, to the blood vials not being clearly explained, the Shadow Man being our big "evil" final boss to end the amazing story we've spent so much time deciphering, this last map just seems like a big let down. Really hope that super EE is true and clears up a whole lot more than what we have now while still introducing NEW questions and not leaving the old.
  2. Dr. Monty, a bad guy?

    Yo CoDZ! Been a while since I've posted here, but I just saw Milo's (MrRoflWaffles) video that revealed a cipher that him and SaggyBerries had decoded. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUUDf31k3qk Now I'm going to be talking a bit about the Gorod Krovi end cutscene and what it said after it. With that being said if you have not seen the cutscene yet then you should not read any further, anyways, lets begin! The cipher tells of a dark aether, a place we have never heard of before yet in our storyline. It's said to hold a corruption and evil that had infected the Keepers and then turned them into the apothicons. With a dark aether, shouldn't there be a light aether just as Milo proposed in the video? Well it is possible that we have caught glimpses of the gateways into both in the skies of our maps. The top picture is taken from the sky in Origins, and the other from the end cutscene in Gorod Krovi when Richtofen releases the 3 souls into the sky. Both of them look quite similar apart from one being light and the other dark. Could what we have seen in Gorod Krovi be the dark aether? Here is my reasoning for why I think it might be. In Gorod Krovi we hear 2 voice queues from Dr. Monty that sound awfully similar to the Shadow Man in Shadows of evil. The first one is the important one in which I'm going to be comparing the two. Okay, now when I write it down I didn't know they were that spot on lol. Anyways, we know that Monty is in the aether along with with Eddy, Sam, and Maxis since he is speaking to us in the map just as Richtofen did throughout Black Ops II. In fact, I think Monty might be controlling the aether and also might be an apothicon due to his striking similarity to the Shadow Man through their quotes. I believe this supports why the aether in Gorod Krovi is dark and so different to the one we see in Origins. Might Monty have a motive to rule the aether with the apothicon race? There are also various notes and ciphers in the other maps which mention an "M" character. I wanted to bring this up but it's getting pretty late around here and I'll be honest, this whole theory might be a huge mess. I haven't played zombies throughout BO III so my knowledge is limited but if you guys want to expand on the theory below or debunk it then I'd be glad to hear some feedback. Thanks all and I apologize if I didn't make the connections I was aiming for! Insert other media
  3. 3 world wars? Or something?

    Actually, at the time of World War 1, they only called it the "Great War." We didnt start calling them WW1 and WW2 until after the second world war. Since Nikolai mentions the two world wars plus an additional one, that hasnt happened yet, I assume it's just indicating that the NO4 have been traveling through time in both the future and the past.
  4. Super jealous about the stuff they'll be giving to attendees, to think I was about to go to comic con this year too. Super read drop all my money on prestige edition though (betting on something zombies related to be included in it)
  5. The Staffs, Mauser (Think I'm the only one who probably wants this back), and hopefully the Wave Gun. Also would like to see the zombie shield again.
  6. Anime Chat and Recommendations

    Lupin the Third Mine Fujiko to iu onna. Just started watching it and is pretty darn good. First few episodes sets up the characters, but it has a decent amount of nudity if you don't mind it. Although it still is really good and I'd recommend it to anyone.
  7. ~Zombies Hangman~

  8. What maps should return?

    Would love to see a Hotel remake. Probably my favorite map on Black Ops and I had so many good times on it.
  9. How OK are we with remakes?

    This type of discussion really makes me hopeful for BO3, I can't wait! In my opinion, adding every map through Origins would be fantastic. I would prefer if they release each game's map remakes along side other map packs throughout 2016. I'd only want some graphical updates and a few extra features and small easter eggs that add more to the story. Also it would give Treyarch some redemption on some mistakes that's been mentioned already. Also ​I'm with you there!
  10. 6 Months

    THIS -Maps with tons of replay ability -Hopefully more Easter eggs that are as good as moon -Continuation of the story from Moon Also want that same zombies feel from Black Ops, can't explain it but that was the time I most enjoyed zombies and it's story.
  11. 5 year(ish)+ members roll call

    Coming up on four years soon. I remember joining right before Call of the Dead came out but I lurked a couple of months before I decided to join in on the fun. It's been a great time and crazy to see how the site changed. Also interesting to see people come and go! P.s. DAE remember userbars?
  12. Donation link

    Thanks! It doesn't show up on mobile but now that I'm on my pc I could see it.
  13. Donation link

    I was looking to donate to the site but I can't find the donation button/link on the new site. Any help?
  14. More Verrückt-style Teamwork!

    Loved the idea when it premiered in Verrückt. However, I wouldn't like it in every map but once in a while I think it would be something nice to see as a sort of refresher.