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  1. Perma Jug in 15+ ? Perma PHD? What is it?

    Interesting....(#strokes chin) I'm hoping for something conclusive soon, this would answer why the PHD machine is there - but not obtainable.
  2. The Face Behind The Avatar

    So is that a giant hamster photoshopped in there? Or is it a teddy or something else? Made me lol either way :lol:
  3. Superhands' SuperStarts Episode 1 - Moon

    But what about when the biodome is about to breach? I think, in co-op, you have the choice of your receiving bay strat. Or no easter egg and lock him in tunnel 6. I will suggest this to my buddies and we'll give it a whirl. ...... Was playing co-op on moon with a friend last week. We'd done the easter egg and were loaded up. Got to 48 and my mate goes down because he's trying to spam the box and shoot astro dude with whatever gun he gets out. Tis all going fine until astro dude teleports him to tunnel 6 where the digger has now glitched. Im in the dome and have no chance of getting to him. He dies and i spend the entire wave (48) solo. 49 starts and i gather up the zombies in the dome so he can run round grabbing weapons etc. Finally he's ready and we jump in the teleporter so he can PAP his pistol. We teleport back......NO ROUND COUNTER!!! As you can imagine me and said company were not at all happy!
  4. Superhands' SuperStarts Episode 1 - Moon

    Nice topic Super. A very helpful guide for anyone to watch. I just can't believe I've never seen anyone trap the space dude in tunnel 6. The only downside to this strat is obviously you cannot complete the easter egg. But if you weigh that up against getting rid of space dude for the entire game....thats epic. It only took me 9 months to find this out! [brains] [brains] [brains] [brains]
  5. Xbox 360 Playdate Schedule

    I'm up for playing with some of you guys. I'm based in the UK and am available 6 - 12 PM GMT I'm up for playing any map on BO and or WAW. Just send me a friend request or msg saying you're from CODZ Xbox GT is the same as forum username (Onesiphorus935) [brains]
  6. Shangri La Concept Art

    Cheers dude, Thanks to everyone for the [brains] 's also :D
  7. Shangri La Concept Art

    No probs - its nice to see a thread of mine receive some love The part that interests me, "All weapons shown are rechargeable, some by melee...." Nice to see they were toying with the idea. I hope this is something they decide to implement one day.
  8. Shangri La Concept Art

    Hi all, Found these pics on http://www.charlieintel.com Raven Software recently posted this on their website/youtube. This art is the work of Arnie Swekel, he's done some work on Black Ops and MW3 aswell as many other games, Link to vid Haven't really taken the time to take all this in yet - but there's some pretty awesome stuff here!
  9. Zombie Suggestions

    Didn't know this - but now i do, I know we are in good hands :)
  10. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    The one true voice of reason is gone, I was getting slightly annoyed at the preachyness of his character, but now am sad he's not around to guide the others to a more civil future, The group IS broken, and its not getting fixed anytime soon, Its goonnnnnaaa geeeet gooooooood!
  11. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    Lol i know right - the one time she decides to actually take a risk and go out instead of asking someone else to. That scene had me rolling my eyes!
  12. Zombie Suggestions

    Hi All, I was thinking about how ELITE is going to be implemented within Zombies, I'm thinking Zombie Clan Challenges i.e. 1. As a clan, obtain 500 headshots in 2 hours (4 minimum) 2. As a clan, Reach wave 25 as fast as possible (timings go on leaderboard?) 3. As a clan, Kill 2000 zombies in 2 hours. I could go on - but im sure you guys get the idea, Hopefully some zombie related goodies could be given away to the top 10 clans in each operation? Good things are coming for zombies - just wait until April/May - you shall see!! :)
  13. Superhands' detailed 50+ solo COTD strategy

    Nice! This is very close to my 50+ strategy. The only difference is that i would buy claymores asap and keep stashing them somewhere at the start of everywave and max ammo. I don't touch them until wave 40ish, use the hyena to make crawlers and them finish them off with the claymores. This ensures more pickups :mrgreen:
  14. Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    Are you shooting any other gun at them before the thundergun? For example - unload a clip or two of MP5K into the horde - switch to thundergun and blast them all away. This is the only way i know of getting drops from the thundergun, because you've used a normal gun to damage them first.
  15. Max Ammos from Wunderwaffe kills

    You shoot a team mate with the Lazarus - they have insta-kill and invunerability from zombies for 10-20secs.