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    Yeah it's definitely Nacht,I dont think it changes the storyline we already have in any way though as the map didn't have any links to storyline anyway and they just stuck it in there so they could somehow work it into the storyline. I think it was a brilliant idea though as now nacht isn't just a developers toy that started it all it actually has meaning in the story now.
  2. The Ultimate Zombie Media Thread - Origins

    lol at the predator video, I think it is probably a new special zombie, either that or they just felt like having a laugh when they made it lol
  3. The Ultimate Zombie Media Thread - Origins

    4wIZp_E2CxQ Not sure if anyone has mentioned this but at the end of the video where you see all the zombies at about 0.54 there is what looks like a huge zombie behind all the other zombies, it is really hard to see but it is definitely there, only way I can describe it is a troll from Skyrim lol.
  4. A Zombie Apocalypse, A Tesla Revolution!

    Amazing thread PINNAZ, workbench picture :shock: amazed... also looks like you may have found the what that bottom right emblem is about then, don't ask me what use it has to zombies though most probably has something to do with the Easter egg if not then the bus or wonder weapon. Also this picture here that you posted with tesla and hp lovecraft has me very intrigued because the guy that I think is the proffesor from tranzit is the ''reanimator'' from a hp lovecraft story. I think I might look into to some other lovecraft stories and see if I can find anything else relating to zombies. Once again amazing thread, have some imaginary brains :D
  5. lego, Child's toy or collectable ?

    Bit of both, I never really got into lego but I remember having some many years ago. I imagine you already know but there is people who make some pretty amazing guns and things on youtube with lego. Here is a dg-2 :shock:
  6. The Walking Thread *Spoilers*

    Cant wait for the show to come back. Glad Shane has gone as now he has they can focus on better stuff. Also I brought book one the other day, haven't started reading it yet but it looks good though.
  7. Tombstone

    Maybe give me a small hint. Sorry but I seriously have no idea and can't come up with anything. Or pm me what it is then I won't tell. I'm just completely lost. Just a bit of advice, if you don't know what it is then I wouldn't bother finding out cause it kinda ruins it.
  8. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    I wouldn't jump to that conclusion just yet. No one knows yet, I can guarantee you wasn't expecting eminem in five but it happenened. For all we know there could be a jukebox like left 4 dead with many songs on it. As for taking offense, why would I ? :? lol
  9. Dubstep in Black Ops 2 Zombies?

    What about these tracks guys? I personally think dubstep would work quite well with zombies. Or any track on korn-the path of totality would be good I think... Or a more chilled one, although it's not really dubstep
  10. Check this out

    so that means it's real then, right?
  11. Check this out

    Could be a picture of a zombie loading screen so dont look if you dont want to see it. Fake
  12. The Monkey Bomb has Returned

    yay monkeys!!! I swear that monkey looks even more insane than they usually do.