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  1. Exact Fern and Temple Positioning on the Map Jungle

    Maybe Castro's compound could be "paradise". If you look where the Quick revive is in KDT, you can see a bottle on the counter or floor with a "L" or italic "V". I remember that another user posted a picture of it, he thought it might have been another perk hint. Anyways, in Op 40, in the bar area before you enter the courtyard. On a counter, you can see the exact same bottle. This is just my thoughts, but maybe the big 4 were taken to a zombiefied version of castro's compund. And that the bottle might have a connection to the maps..........
  2. Funny Zombies Quotes

    On "Five" when i throw a nade a a large horde. Then JFK says by the dawn's early light BOOM! And Nixon's nade quote 1 potatoe 2 potatoe 3 potatoe BLAM!
  3. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Involving Ascension. HITSAM HYENA LUNA Possible. :|