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  1. MW3 Prestige edition, what shuld it have?

    1. You will not get exclusive single player gameplay 2. You will not have dog tags. It was suggested the past 4 years, it hasn't happened. 3. You will not get any old maps, they're too cheap to give you something they could make millions off of from DLC if they wanted to. 4. You won't get a suvenior from a PREVIOUS cod game... 5. You won't get early access to the new CoD game. ---5.1--- The next cod will be made by a separate company, they wouldn't have control nor would they fucking do that, fool 6. You won't get a strategy guide with the prestige edition, they're too cheap to give you something that you could buy and invest more money into the CoD franchise. 7. Tattered flag? Disrespectful fuck. 8. Neon sign wouldn't happen. 9. You will get something gay like a RC-Car. Look forward to that. I bet you're mommy won't look forward to her having to listen to you beg for a piece of garbage price tagged at $90 (take 60 off for the game), that is worth less than $30.