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  1. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    *touches Nikolai's vodka with one finger*
  2. We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    Make a serious one with Takeo on it. And with writing saying "Life is light when compared to honour". Lolz that would be epic.
  3. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Nikolai, Takeo and Dempsey are dancing? That's gonna end up badly, don't you think, Ed? I SAY SPIKE THEIR PERK-A-COLAS WITH MORE 115! :twisted:
  4. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Can I get some 115 with my double tap?
  5. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Hey guys I tried guessing a couple of passwords and they were were all wrong this is what I put, don't put these in if your gonna guess: Samantha Maxis: samanthaemiliaabagailmaxis samanthaemiliaabagail teddy fluffy seam Ludwig Maxis: group935 fluffy hyena ear115
  6. Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    Dosen't it kinda look like a rocket when you turn your head to the left?
  7. Theory for Picture with no one in it

    If someone is going to die, it's going to be either Takeo or Richtofen. It's hinted that Takeo is planning to kill Richtofen in Ascension, if Richtofen figures this out they will both try to kill each other. Someone will get killed. Nikolai and Dempsey will probably try to stop them or something I don't know... Interesting quote from Richtofen after being revived: "I'm not dead! ...............Not yet."
  8. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Guys guys guys guys.... Remember the film reels in Kino? And when we used them, on the screen it had random letters and numbers like EAR? Try using those for passwords on the terminal!!!!! (I can't right now)
  9. Richtofen must be getting suspicious of Takeo

    Yes, Dr. Richtofen does not know I have my memory. But I can tell he is catching on... But in regards to what you say about the killing. He kill me? No, I kill him! ZOH MAH GAWD ITS TAKEO!
  10. Screaming in speed cola room... eek! NOW WITH VIDEO

    Woah that screaming is freaky. Tried it just now. Someone might be trapped inside the Speed Cola! Just kidding. Lol. Has anyone heard the radios? Well in the last one you can hear knocking and has anyone thought that this could be the knocking in the dressing room? Could be, could be. OR MAYBE IT'S SOME KIND OF MORSE CODE!!??!??!? Nah doubt that, lolz. :lol:
  11. How Far Have you Gotten?

    Round 32 solo (I died because as I was looping near the PhD lander I accidently entered the room where PhD was in and I got cornered and by the time I pulled my thundergun out it was over ) Round 33 with 3 players.
  12. Your emblem

    Mines my avatar.