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  1. I doubt it, maybe he was just pulling your leg. Hopefully.
  2. I don't think he's being racist fella, he's just pointing out that his Moroccan theory is backed up by the different type of Zombies in this map and their dress. Good find in my opinion. [brains]
  3. if there is no secret tunnel...

    Swing and a Miss. I hope you didn't mean "mentality"... that would be highly ironic It gets better when you read the full sentence Thank you and thank you. [brains]
  4. if there is no secret tunnel...

    I know the lightening strike starts the round/map and wakes George, but ave you seen the intro cut scene ??
  5. if there is no secret tunnel...

    Yes. I am 9, you are 11, so maybe we can play together ?? Oh, hang on, I'll type that again for you... 1 am9, u r 11, maybe so play 2gthr ?!!1
  6. if there is no secret tunnel...

    Can you not type like a 11 year old girl ??? I thought he got dragged over the railings at the base of the lighthouse into the water by a Zombie (in the cut scene), then as you say, get's raised up from the depths of the pond by the lightening.