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  1. Dempsey hinting at secret?

    FAIL :facepalm:
  2. SEVEN fuse boxes

    Well welcome to the forum and your in the right place to find some secrets and to learn about the story link.
  3. SEVEN fuse boxes

  4. Paper Stacks/trash bags...

    Congratulations! You win the Necro Post of the day award! :facepalm:
  5. Kino Der Toten laid to rest?

    this is true in one aspect. there is a radio outside the normal walking area and it is by double tap. it isn't outside the map and this radio is know as radio 2. radio 1 in on the chadeller (WHY CAN NO ONE SPELL THIS F****** WORD) near the stage. if you find number 3 that would be cool. don't get radios confused with tapes. there are 3 tapes with in the rooms you travel to when you teleport.
  6. Kino Der Toten laid to rest?

  7. Kino Der Toten laid to rest?

    First off i don't like how you come in here and start being mean to someone you have never met, i had done nothing wrong to you, This thread was to just see if there is a radio or not i just wanted to see other peoples theory's or what not. Second off I'm not a kid, I'm 20 and have had more life experience then you have had most likely. Third l2spell You need spell check imediatley = immediately Thank you for bumping in my thread This is a perfect example of how you are a child. glad you can spell and take the time to read what you wite. unlike me i don't care because i remember one thing ITS A VIDEO GAME FORUM NOTHING WORTH CRYING ABOUT. If you had more life experience you wouldn't care about someone saying something on a forum.
  8. The Roof

    people have no clpped up there while tunring the power on. it is nothing but a noise being played and screen effect.
  9. The Roof

    BULL FUCKING SHIT. Your such a liar. you can't even quote it correctly. NONE of the characters say anything like that. they all talk about more enemieS coming with an s. Nikoli=great! more things to chase me. Tank=sounds like more friends coming to the party. EDIT: anti earth is the only one who is using logic. everyone else is blowing crap out their ass just because they want something else to happen. there is no boss round. no one from treyarch has every even slightly hinted about it.
  10. Knocking...

    Hmmm...Like i said, the sequence of the knocking resembles the sequence from the last radio transmission. And thx for not giving me neg brains! what you mean the sequence resembles the last radio transmission?
  11. Knocking...

    its in the green window in the dressing room it can only be heard there. ive never heard any wierd noises anywhere else except the speed cola machines static and the door creaking. no neg [brains] from me
  12. Traps and Centerfuge Relationship *Result Produced Twice*

    this is one of those if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise things. it spins the same amount throughout the game, or at least for me. maybe (if you do laps) your not in the room at the right time?
  13. Dempsey hinting at secret?

    so does anyone know why he says this?
  14. Dempsey hinting at secret?

    I opened the first door in Kino (door befrore foyer room and before the square room) the one you can look out over the theater...kinda. Anyway, i killed all the zombies and left a crawler to repair the windows and when i went to the window in the dead end in that room (near the bathroom sign) Dempsey says " and you thought I wouldn't find it" I've had him say it twice. no video, no pictures and i'm not sure how to emulate it. Maybe he says something about having to pee and is now saying he found the bathroom? or i found something else. hope someone can clear this up.
  15. Kino Der Toten laid to rest?

    He said that he was talking to some guy who was owning zombie asses the entire time he was telling the story to my friend got to like lvl 35 or something before the guy timed out i notice omfgwtf in peoples anything and i imediatley disregard any comment they have and label them as child. Liam is correct is saying what he said. there is no "ladder glitch" or secret weapon. if there was kids like you wouldn't shut up about it. its been tested that ladder doesn't move... ever