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  1. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    Check out the stickers from CoD XP : http://www.callofduty.com/intel/500
  2. Live countdown timer + more info on early download

    The link won't work.... So what is it a link to?
  3. Live countdown timer + more info on early download

    Do you have another e-mail address you could link up to it? Otherwise you should have just used the e-mail address you had created your XBL account to log in with. I realised that the proplem is that my Xbox is three years old and I forget the password to the e-mail I set my xbl account up with, so I can't change it. Oh well, when life gives you lemons...
  4. Live countdown timer + more info on early download

    When I went on Xbox's website and tried to link my account with my Xbox, it just made me a new Xbl account with my e-mail. Help?
  5. Perk bottles in co-op

  6. Inside Xbox/Shangri-La Trailer Discussion *UPDATED*

    tick, tock, tick, tock...... Oh sorry, I was just starring at the clock.
  7. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    If you look closely at the original textures, you can see that besides the white edge of both the internal and external ellipse, there is an extra green lining. Anyways, i'm gonna create my version, people are free to choose which label they want to use. Ah, well I didn't make these, I found them on CallOfDutyWiki (Yes, I know the site is horrible )
  8. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    "cough" Look one post above "cough"
  9. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    Um, I can't be sure, but I think this is the ingame label. But, I think somebody beat you to making the Hi-res label
  10. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    I don't think the PC version is out yet EDIT: My bad, it is out.
  11. CoDz Zombie Video Contest ENTRIES

    I'm not sure if this counts, but it has to do with nazi zombies. bH06W1u5iuU
  12. Xbox Live glitch reveals map pack 3: Retaliation????

    This, a thousand times. Yeah I could buy a stupid code of ebay, or go re-buy the game and get the special edition, but why should I? Release the classic map pack already! They were released at launch, with the hardened/prestige edition. You just didn't buy them.
  13. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    One more reason to drink regular Coke. btw, How do you know all this?
  14. Perk-a-Cola stickers

    YES! Aspartame is *terrible* for you. And its not as good as real sugar, either haha. Diet soda is one of the most misleading labels ive seen for something, i've never seen somebody loose any substantial amount of weight from drinking 'diet'. of course everything is either high fructose corn siryp or aspertame in the US, how is it in most of europe? i've heard a few countries are considering banning aspertame and flouride. btw, throwback dr pepper bottles look old and a re plastic, but also contain 100% real sugar lol Like ive said on a different topic, i was given diet coke daily when i was a baby and i have lifelong health issues because of it... But regular soda is fine for me (im actually allergic to aspertame) Just out of curiosity, why would anybody give a baby a can of diet coke daily? I mean, it's common sense.
  15. Weird Dagger Symbol! (Left from spawn)

    I threw a grenade at it and it made a funny noise Seriously, it really did.