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  1. New Finding in Veruckt

    I want to point out the word TELEPORTING. Now dunno if someone has said this but maybe the thing in Verruckt, opposite to the power switch, is a some sort of prototype of the teleporter?
  2. Der Riese Server Exploration

    I also tried couple passwords for following accounts in the Der Riese server: DRMAXIS toten untoten hail hitler hailhitler ludwig reichstaguntoten reichstag NBELINSKI vodka SAMANTHA teddy ERICHTOFEN aether
  3. Der Riese Server Exploration

    the rOppen messages refers to zombies as said but this is something that confuses me; WENT DOWN TO THE LAKE STUMBLED UPON A SECRET WILL NOT SLEEP AGAIN CoD Wiki suggests that it refers to the Shi No Numa meteor. Shi No Numa wasnt in a lake, it was a swamp. So, I did some research about this and found an entry from vbush's account about the Element 115 overview and I highlight this part of it; “Sources include meteors found in “Shi No Numa “Tunguska “Groom Lake “Der Riese “Moon (Confirmed via Astronomical team) Obviously, they mean meteors. Now compare these messages, is there common words? Yes there is, LAKE. Groom Lake, now whats that ? Well I googled it and it came up first with a result of; AREA 51. Its also called ''Groom Lake''. now if we think backwards to the Der Riese, Maxis said there is a large supplement of Element 115 in the Nevada base which means Area 51. So, Meteor came down to Area 51, more precisely, to Groom Lake. The rest, I dont know what it means. I posted this just to clarify rOppen's messages. Im not even sure should this comment be posted on this thread, but nevertheless, here it is >:)