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  1. Please be a joke...

    Good point.. if the voice actors are scheduled to do other games atm, of course they'll postpone the original zombie story... Its just like a TV series, when an actor gets a deal with a movie they will usually write off the character perm or temporarily.. till their other job is done.. Never thought of that.. hmm
  2. Please be a joke...

    This kid is a such a liar.. You know more than 1/2 the people that said they werent going to buy First Strike DID... And the guy says he is buying it for the MP maps... I guarantee day 01 he plays the Zombie map... lol.. You pay for it, you're going to do it.. NO ONE... protests a game or it's gameplace, admits to wanting to pay for it, then ignores 100% of it's features... it's like the Christians who protested harry potter on opening day and saw it on DVD... COME ON!!! This forum is to discuss the game, not openly protesting it, hoping to rally people to your cause for brains and thumbs... in my honest opinion-- there is always a time to grow up.. and today, that is your day.
  3. Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    Yup... He's right -- a majority of the players out there know NOTHING about the radios or the story, just that there are zombies that you shoot... So treyarch is ruining nothing..
  4. Treyarch killed off nazi zombies

    Map looks fun... What does Dead Ops or Five have to do with the story?... I think it's great a great idea to bring in these characters and this map as a novelty... It will still be the same game play -- just with a new twist and GIANT map... I think the story in Nazi Zombies is amazing.. don't get me wrong, but I enjoy the game play more than the plot when it comes down to it... When I started playing Zombies I wasnt intrigued by the story of Samantha.. my first thought was, "I get to shoot zombies endlessly?! AMAZING!!" Treyarch is also touching into a huge community by releasing this, which in turn brings them more revenue and us more people to play with.. This idea looks fantastic... so don't knock it till you try it :P
  5. SEVEN fuse boxes

    The 7th one has always been known.. -sigh0

    Well clearly map first easter egg second.. So they probably come up with some fun idea start throwing ideas together...and what ever they come up with by a due date is what they have...

    it was the capture card used to film it, or intentionally edited to gain responses.. However compressed video that shows pixelation can sometimes display itself as a green hue...

    Please answer me this --- If the code doesn't contain other words as an active component to the script.. why the hell would any of you assume you can spell other words.. I mean really... think about it... PC Users have the game as of the 25th of last month.. it's the 7th of the month there after... and you know what, nothing new.. So to sum it up, We've seen the code-- all 3 platforms have the game and nothing new has been discovered involving the mystery man since it first came out on Xbox... In conclusion... it's concluded Hahahaha...
  9. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    Good thinking and noticing the details Jesus, dont even go there again... Thats already been discussed, the fact that someone noticed it is actually a LACK of detail, for on split second you witness the zombie that earns the points it has NOTHING to do with the door.. This video has been debunked, theories are dead like the easter egg... Kill Stuff, Get Point, Climb the Board and wait for a new map already...
  10. Traps and Centerfuge Relationship *Result Produced Twice*

    I dont leave the room but to check the box :/ Im literally in the room round after round after round... It spins less, either because im in it or because it's set to spin an exact # of times per round or something but either way.. the more the rounds go on, the less it seems to spin.. There isnt a trigger..
  11. Traps and Centerfuge Relationship *Result Produced Twice*

    What I've honestly noticed is that the centrifuge seems to spin less and less as the game continues, not that it's trigged. If you notice when you start the game it seems to spin often while you're in the room, but as the rounds extend it spins less and less and less.. I don't believe it's of any result of our own, just the way the game mechanics work to maintain the challenge.. As I usually camp down there and run around it over and over again, the more the game goes forward the less often it seems to spin is all...
  12. More whistles, and a second generator?

    I watched that video so many times at the intervals you requested.. what I heard was wind... just wind, now the howl.. Have you ever heard the howl? This just proves that there was nothing.. Hahaha ;)
  13. More whistles, and a second generator?

    That thing with the hoses is not a generator it's a sump of some sorts, to transfer liquid... But if you didn't collect the letters yet, you can hear a whistling almost everywhere on the map till the letters are used.. not just @ landers..

    LOL!!! LOL LOL!!
  15. Next node step Must SEE\Update it works

    If you read the full string of code broken down by some softwar eengineer... ON THIS THREAD... It seems completly plausable.. Skewer The Winged beast for example.. How the hell do we translate that to the rocket? The rocket doesnt even HAVE wings... let alone it isn't a beast.. nor are we skewering it.. we're shooting it with ray guns and bullets... My only point is, whos to say there isn't a step needed to complete 1 of the 8 that isn't written out in the form of a technical manual.. As none of that is self explanatory... This theory of the sacrfice I havent knocked it, only because of the explanation of the code in the other threads... on top of which as someone mentioned above and as people have mentioned... Unless you prove it wrong, then you have no basis to say it's wrong.. Unless it's a wild idea, of diving onto a monkey @ round 23 in order to unlock a door on the other side of the map, that you then shoot with the air gun because its to heavy to open otherwise.. LOL... Anyways.. we'll see soon... Post PS3 release if there is nothing new discovered by then, I forsee speculation dying off with in a few weeks there after.. minus the every so often Red Fuse Box type theories.. ya know, the one that everyone is tired of hearing about because it doesnt work.. LOL