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  1. Can you pack-a-punch

    Before you do that, you gotta launch the rocket and the machine is in a room under the launch pad.
  2. Der Riese Server Exploration

    Trinity? Like "embrace the trinity". Whatabout Emilia and Abigail?

    Reznov was captured by the Vorkuta prison guards for intelligence on Mason and what Mason told him? Yeah it is pretty ridiculous that he survived though.
  4. Theory for Picture with no one in it

    Mark my words, me and DigitalShadowZZ were talking about it last night, Takeo is gonna die and Sophia is going to be the new character. Who's Sophia again? I don't remember clearly, but is she a lab assistant or secretary or something?
  5. BIG secret on Kino???

    I wasn't referring to everyone who disagrees with me, but I really don't think the gorilla is in zombies. Other ideas like a different boss zombie are plausible though.
  6. BIG secret on Kino???

    Yeah guys, really? There is sll of this interesting story involving mysterious elements, the Illuminati, secret Nazi science projects, and demonic little girls. ...And you think there is a giant, cartoon gorilla, wearing a spacesuit, dancing on the roof of an old Nazi theatre?