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    If you look at the Coding LUNA is the only one coded with "Passcode" the other ones are just coded as "secret" and I've seen absolutely NO results from spelling Hyena or Hitsam other than Nikolai saying "The reaper is coming" i believe neither of these codes do nothing unless the codes Hyena is for the dolls and Hitsam is for the bears, Someone brought that theory up in the CoDz forums an that seems more plausible because they're not coded as "passcode".

    I just did all this and hear nikolai say. "The reaper is coming" but no ppsh in the box. Spent 15000 on the box and the ppsh didn't even cycle through it.

    Thats scripted to happen when you throw a gersch out the map.
  4. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    27 with a friend. would have gotten farther if my 21 decided to keep shooting 7.62 rather then airsoft BBs. Weapons get useless after 25.
  5. BIG secret on Kino???

    False, The cosmic silverback is only in DOA this is not king kong. The holes spawn the creepers nothing more. Who does experiments on Gorillas? Bruce Campbell in Congo but thats not the damn point. Theres no King Kong Gorilla, If there was a boss ask the kids who got to 72 on the 360 leaderboards, send a friendly message, Im pretty sure they'll say no there isn't, and if "noclipping" is so useless you do realize they can go through the files and find this "Cosmic Silverback" and see if it does spawn on top of the map. How else do you think they found out where the amm-o-matic is located in Der Riese and Shi No Numa. Don't knock PC gamers they know what they're talking about. Sorry to sound like an ass.