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  1. Jolteon

    Herro Everybody

    Good day sir, and welcome to the site! -Jolteon
  2. Jolteon

    plz dont make me play wit noobs :[

    Good day to you sir! And welcome to the greatest site for Zombies out there! Please enjoy your stay -Jolteon
  3. Jolteon

    Who Brought You Here?

    Me and a friend used to spend hours upon hours browsing Youtube looking for clues and Easter Eggs. We got really into the story around Der Riese time and got really into it. After Der Riese's clues were revealed I forgot about it a little, especially with MW2s release, but a few months later GKNova6 went viral and my friend signed up under the name blueandproud, but he doesn't post anymore (or hasn't in a really long time). He kept trying to convince me to join but I just lurked and I never did join... Well... Until I did join... If that makes sense -Jolteon
  4. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    You would be perfect for BoA then I'm not to bad at 'Screaming' myself so I was gonna do all of those parts but to have more than one person would be good so definitely do it I will soon but for now I'm still leaving it open. Once I get started and things begin to piece together I will set a deadline for everyone. -Jolteon
  5. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Still waiting for clips guys... -Jolteon
  6. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    ummm.......how do i take my recording from my computer to the interwebz Email me -Jolteon
  7. Jolteon

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    This makes me look so bad xD Before this I was doing so well but then I screwed up at round 23 then it all went baaaaaaaaaad The M14 is WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!!!! -Jolteon
  8. Jolteon

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    My game with Trix, ZOTD, and JummpyJake was AWESOME! Such a shame that Jake made us die :evil: Obviously forgetting that I died at round 23 and ended up playing the rest of the match with an M14 -Jolteon
  9. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    AH that makes sense xD Man I'm stupid... Well I can still do a lil' bit so sending them now wouldn't do any harm, sorry if that was unclear xD Anyways, I ordered some stuff to do the repairs myself and they will either come today or Monday, so I can get started VERY soon -Jolteon
  10. Jolteon

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Hey guys! Definitely down for this. Got both Way and Ehjookayted added so I will be on at 6pm GMT for sure I've also sorted my connection so it SHOULD be much better than last time which was a complete disaster See you all on the battlefield 8-) -Jolteon
  11. I collect Pokemon games, Pokemon cards and Yu-Gi-Oh cards... Don't judge me, it's awesome -Jolteon
  12. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Come on guys, nobody has emailed me their clip... At the moment it's just a video of me singing, and that is nothing impressive at all I can assure you... -Jolteon
  13. Jolteon

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Sorry that I haven't updated for a while... I'm still up for the playdate, my laptop may be dead but my PS3 live on Just add me on PSN guys and I will join when I am available (booked the day off work for the first playdate ) PSN: klacey23 -Jolteon
  14. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    No there is no real deadline, just get them as soon as possible... I have no editing software cuz my laptop died so until it is fixed I cant actually do anything As for the cover, it sounds good to me -Jolteon
  15. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Okay, so there has been a few problems over the last day or so, and the community has seemed a little demoralised... SO, lets get this done and bring that community BACK! CoDz is one of the greatest communities on the whole internet in my opinion, and lets now prove it by making the best damn music video in the history of everything, everyone and all existence! CoDz, I call upon you! SING FOR FREEDOM! -Jolteon
  16. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    No worries, I have no laptop at the moment which has all the editing software on so I won't be starting until Tuesday (when it is HOPEFULLY getting fixed) -Jolteon
  17. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Hey guys, these are the karaokes that you will need to sing to. Try and make it inaudible to the mic if you can, its just to keep everyone in time and in tune (if possible ) Don't Stop Believing: Qmgg4bmBrA4 Beuty of Annihilation: LAUOpUsR7ME Unfortunately there is NO karaoke version to this song, so we will be singing with Elena... Although that's not much of a problem! Happy singing! -Jolteon
  18. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    joleton's not doing gameplay,but we can do a second video is that cool joleton Sure that sounds good! Once I have finished the songs, I will send the complete sound file to you and you can set up some gameplay for it... Sort of like a CoDz Montage with the CoDz Soundtrack Have fun with it! -Jolteon
  19. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    The poll is now CLOSED!!!!! The winning song is Don't Stop Believing by Journey! Apologies to all who voted differently, next time we will be doing Beauty of Annihilation by Elena Siegman! Now, I am updating the original post with what to do next. Make sure you all read it if you want to be involved! -Jolteon
  20. Jolteon

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Errr, after the disaster of last playdate regarding my connection, I would suggest not me... But I play with my brother a lot (he's in England, just 100 or so km away) as host and never have problems... I think my internet just derped that day, but just as a precaution I'll let ccm host if he wants. -Jolteon
  21. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Okay, so I've wanted to suggest this song since I started this thread, but wasnt sure how it would be accepted... Anyways, this is an idea for a second song if this one goes well. JzKxBCq6PKE Oh, and yes, this song is the soundtrack to Pokemon: Mewtwo vs Mew... It still fits well with zombies though I think -Jolteon
  22. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    Its worth a try! If it can save as a WMA file, I can probably use that too... If not, you can download Audacity free from their website... Google is your friend! -Jolteon
  23. Jolteon

    PS3 Playdate Schedule - Sep 1

    Looks like me and you are set for the playdate. Similar times, similar location, similar awesomeness... Team UK is gonna be the best! -Jolteon
  24. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    What I want to happen is for everyone to record themself singing the whole song, preferably in audacity to make things easier for me, then email the file to me, and I will do the rest... I think it is the simplest way rather than having to upload to youtube, then for me to download the file, and then extract sound file (not using video anymore, its too complicated) and then mix it all up... That probably made no sense but the important part is what to do... -Jolteon
  25. Jolteon

    CoDz Musical Madness!!!!!

    I'm thinking yeah, just so that everyone can see who is singing what and stuffs... Also, if you wanna put an awesome graphic of your name, then by all means do it! It saves me the trouble of doing it So far Don't Stop Believing seems to have the most interest, and I am also gonna throw A7Xs Not Ready To Die in, just for funsies... Don't worry if you don't really like the song choice, we can make a few of these (one of a time though) focusing on different genres, maybe do groups of people in a battle (eg. Vets vs. Survivors). The possiblities are just endless Oh, and for all the people offering to play instruments, I think it would be much easier if we just find a Karaoke version of the chosen song that EVERYONE can use, just to keep timings and everything simple... We can sort a whole band at another point depending on the success. I'm gonna put a poll up now of songs I have seen, and will update with more if any more come. -Jolteon

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