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  1. Have you finished that mission yet? As people have already said use flash bangs, keep moving forward and use gaps in the wall or boxes as cover.
  2. Thanks for the picture Tac through this forum I am learning so much more about the zombies storyline and elements of the map that I have missed by myself.
  3. Sounds like a plausible theory I think . Do you have links to those discussions about the theory on the Russians and American's possibly co-operating secretly together I have not read that theory before and would love to see the information that has been included like you said the Thundergun on the shelves of Five. I never noticed the Thundergun in that map it is interesting .
  4. That's a good point Tac, I was thinking maybes Russian spies could have been posted at area 51 or the Russians and the Americans could have been secretly working together hence hearing the voices of JFK etc... in Ascension.
  5. This is only a theory but in between Der Riese and Kino the crash landing at Roswell happened (allegedly) in July 1947. Maybes the numbers and the difference in teleportation suggests that the Americans and possibly any Russian spies found new technology or knowledge for travelling space and time rather than relying upon element 115. This new knowledge could be the solving of string theory which operates on 11 dimensions rather than 3 with the 4th dimension being time. The numbers could also be a link to the mathematical theory behind String theory being solved. Again this is just a daft bit of a fun theory would love to hear other peoples perspectives on the matter :-) .
  6. Thank you all for your warm welcome :)
  7. Hi guys, I'm 26 from the UK and came across your site as I was really getting interested in finding out as much information as possible about the zombies storyline. I checked a few of the threads from Tactical Insertion etc... and thought this is definitely the site for me :-). Anyway I have only started playing zombies since Black Ops and just play recreationally. I don't know what else to say but I am looking forward to reading more of the interesting topics and hopefully contributing to the conversation as much as possible :-) .
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