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  1. How Far Have you Gotten?

    awww mate same thing happened to me i got to 26/27 and its just put my highest rounds to 11 and thats the round i got to on my most recent zombie match :cry:
  2. How Far Have you Gotten?

    Got to round 26 with 3 people mostly camping in PaP room I had a PaP'd raygun and a PaP'd galil, Gersch device, jug, pHd flopper(till spacemonks took it and i got downed) slight of hand (got downed, had to buy again). Friend had Zeus cannon and something else i cant remember, jug, quick revive and something else i think and other friend had PaP'd HK21 and something else and roughly the same perks and the reason we didnt go further is because we basically got no max ammo and died because of, well, a lack of ammo :cry: . For some reason that night it came up on the leader boards but then the next day i played zombies, got to round 11 or something and that appeared on the leaderboards instead and i am raging lol Btw if anyone can explain the easter egg everyone is talking about (the one with the nodes and LUNA or something), that would be helpful thanks :)
  3. Theory: Ascension intro+Generator easter egg connected

    Could someone please explain to me wtf this easter egg is? sorry if im being a little slow
  4. Show us your desktop.. Heres mine! V2.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Heres the proper image sorry lol
  5. Show us your desktop.. Heres mine! V2.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Sorry for all the shizz on the desktop and sorry if the image doesnt appear
  6. The Face Behind The Avatar

    me on the right, duh lol sorry if you cant see it or its too small/big By the way someone has to give me brains for this 'cus i hate showing pics of myself but i thought i may aswell to feel more a part of the CoDz commuity . and i know your probly thinking i look about 12 but im 15 and am very mature and smart for my age lol
  7. Request userbars for your signatures

    could you make me one of the Pgz ones with THE PreDaTor x on it?
  8. GT TV Video HERE: olny a single zomb

    so like can you watch it say, a good lot of hours after its actually finished or is it live only?