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  1. 12 Hours to go!

    Well, this'll be nice to finally return for this reveal.
  2. Hey, while you are right that people should not be posting leaks, you also need to stop double/triple posting, and just calm down.
  3. Classic Maps put into Map-Pack for Black Ops.

    No. That would never happen, and it isnt going to. Suck it up, they arent even that good, theyre better for WaW. I love how this really DID happen. You, sir, must feel like an idiot.
  4. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    The US doesnt change times until Nov. 7, whereas Europe changes today.
  5. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    None of team 3 showed up, had to cancel. Sorry Guys, maybe next time. :(
  6. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    Waiting for the EST team to get online...
  7. Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    CoDz Username: Agent A PSN : Benfeild Timezone : EST