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    Tiger, it killed me when they never released the Radiant for zombies on Black Ops. Yes they have the mods for MP but never released the Radiant for zombies. I remember reading somewhere they said because how the game was set up there was no possible way to transfer files to the game or something because how they had certain things blocked off when they developed it on the 360. Hopefully they won't kick theirself in the ass again and ahead of time allow for the radiant to be made and the maps to be transferable for zombies. Now that is just talking about the PC side. If we can't even get mods for zombies on the PC then I have to put doubt towards them adding it to consoles right away. Very possible in the future but right now not likely. Everyone wants it, yes but they haven't developed a full proof way to get mods to console yet.
  2. Nice catch on the date for 3:23. It could be a possibility or it could just be a clock counting up as time goes by...
  3. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    Wasn't saying that in a negative way, just getting everyone to focus on the unsolved now. I think we should try not to overthink at this point because we may miss the obvious. Tacitus E3 "the enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone" (Very reminiscent of government war propaganda and very close to the types of things we hear today as being related to the "War on Terror") These things all sound like hints towards the campaign side of things of coarse and are probably just setup for the teaser trailer. Im not saying its not fun but I personally think the real fun comes after the release of said trailer. It is almost like this is just to get our attention and let us know to get ready. This is just my opinion and its very possible I am dead wrong but nothing so far has really been a true puzzle. Its still early and I will keep my eyes on it though. True, not everyone out there is even close to knowing about solving these things and the first few would be simple stuff for the general audience level to figure out. We just gotta keep our eyes out and watch for things that can be decoded and looked into further. First look for the simple and obvious then decode and break it apart.
  4. FPSRussia already conformed that it has nothing to do with the Roman emperor unfortunately. Tacitus is just a weapons manufacturer of some sort in BO2 No matter what he said, you can't ignore the small fact that it is true and links up in a round about way.
  5. I read where you mentioned that before and I've connected Tacitus (the Roman) with the eclipse and November by myself earlier but didn't speak of it.
  6. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    It was Tacitus that you had to click on for it to show up. It got clearer as time went on too. We will have to look over all these images at the end to see if they updated old ones with clearer pictures. I did a lot of things with the GKnova6 viral, I know how sneaky they can be.
  7. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    Alright, that's my bad. They are a quick flash in the beginning as the boxed window pops up then they go back to the flashing numbers. I see what you are saying now. Just provide a bit more info next time?
  8. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    Umm proof? I don't see those coordinates or any update at all to the CoD site. As far as I can tell you are just throwing up coordinates of some place in CA with no link to the CoD site and the numbers previously given.
  9. Well there you have it. We have WZQOH which equals the same numbers that are found being said in a zombie map. I personally think that could be as far as these random letters go for now.
  10. Could be, but this time on an Island and not just like COTD.
  11. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    Him saying "pie" only means that there is a good surprise, prize or gain of knowledge about the game for us.
  12. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    This tweet was put out yesterday, when the update with this code was put up. Kryptos: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptos What familiar word does each tweet contain (besides the middle one)? The word pie. "I'm hoping for pie." and "Still no pie yet." obviously means there has to be something related to this code with pie. Now, with the second tweet, he mentions "a la Kryptos." Well, there's pie a la mode, but to mention a code inscribed in copper on the grounds of the CIA that has 3 parts of 4 solved, with various methods of decryption? I don't think it's a coincidence. Not sure if your being a bit sarcastic or just that slow you are taking the guys message of pie too far. Pie is of course considered as a "prize" or "goal" to some this dude talking about pie gives no clues.
  13. I don't know much at all about the show but something about being lost and on an island trapped could tie in.
  14. CraftyShot

    Numbers code discussion.

    Yes, I posted that in the CoD Forums. I found 2 of them leads to Tibet and somewhere else in the Mediterranean sea.

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