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  1. WANTED: A New CoDz Moderator

    i would say that i could do it, but im only 15 and i dont think i would be able to keep up with the forums. good luck to whoever gets it, and i hope you do a good job ;)
  2. Gknova6 New Zombie Map... Map

    ive seen it, but i thought it was the Der Reise mini map. i could be wrong though.
  3. Gold camo confirmed!

    where'd you see that lvl 50 is the max level? was it confirmed?
  4. Gold camo confirmed!

    i also saw a silver looking one and maroon looking one, both metalic like gold...... i like maroon :D

    just a thought: maybe a pickup (such as nuke or max ammo) will enable a chopper gunner to come in for a while and the player could control it like a killstreak?!? reality: probably not but it would be cool none the less after thinking about what you just said, i realised, IT WOULD WORK OUT LIKE THAT! just think, you hit the power switch, and a power up shows up for a chopper gunner in the middle of the map. what happens is the whole team runs down there, someone gets the power up, then they go post up somewhere. while the person using the helecopter is left voulnerable on the ground, the rest of the team must protect him! :lol:

    just because they are wearing gas masks doesn't prove anything. im not trying to say HL is a hoax, and i don't want to say he isn't. i just find it really interesting. whoever is making these videos is doing a good job, and if it IS a hoax all they are doing is promoting Black Ops anyways. was there ever a Die Wahrnheit part 2?

    damnit, now i have to wait for freakbags, and knowing that it will be in the game is going to make the wait even longer. its gonna be hard not to think about this. ANYWAYS, i'll be killin' them from day 1, preordered hardened edition to quintuple the zombie fun 8-) 8-) 8-)

    its about damn time
  9. Henry is a hoax

    i don't know what being british has to do with anything, but im still not ready to write it off as a hoax. not until we get some REAL evidence either way.
  10. related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    well, he keeps calling us GK, so i think it would make sense. like i have said a bout a million times before, it could mean just about anything, the only think i know for sure is that CoD:BO is coming, and the wait will be antagonizing. until then, we can't be sure that ANY of this is real.
  11. related/unrelated facts and notes to GK and HL

    i like kuoguy's last post ^^^........ it makes sense, but what if we are GK, what if GK stands for General Knowledge or something? meaning the General Public? just a thought.
  12. How aggresive are you while playing?

    i would say somewhere in between 3 and 5 not quite 4.... it depends...