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  1. I have just spent the last two hours listening to audio tape and unless someone proves me wrong I most defenitly think that Oliver North!
  2. I recognized the voice when I first heard it but could not pinpoint it but, the minute you posted Oliver North it clicked with me. I think you got it [brains] yea same here and thanks!
  3. It really does...i listened to him...then the recording. That is really close yea I thought it was close very close!
  4. just a thought when I heard that voice on the video, it sounds exactly like Oliver North, remember him? Iran Contra during the 80s and the great president ronnie ray gun lol the time period fits just a thought.

    wheres my towel? i just shit myself!
  6. The Face Behind The Avatar

    lol i love this, great to see all of u, as soon as ifigure out how i will post mine as well thanks carbon this was fun! and uk zombie that was funny lol
  7. More To Solve On Der Riese

    wtf dose der reise on i pod have to do with anything? i see a hint here from carbon, and he knows alot more than the rest of us, pay attiton and go back and look!