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  1. Arcane_Ace

    Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    CST team is up! Send a message to CountryAce29 if you want to join. We still need 2 more players! EDIT: Anyone else having trouble with PSN? It seems we can invite people but they are unable to join the lobby for some reason.
  2. Arcane_Ace

    Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    We need some more CST players! I don't want to play alone..
  3. Arcane_Ace

    Halloween Playdate - PS3 Only!

    Hey what about us CST boys? CoDz Username- Arcane_Ace PSN Username- CountryAce29 Time Zone-CST
  4. Arcane_Ace

    GT TV Video HERE: olny a single zomb

    Watching the show right now and it looks awesome!!! Couple of quick things I have seen. So far they have basically confirmed what most of us thought in that we will be playing through flashbacks from a specific character. They have also showed some sweet new gameplay from SP and MP. They covered wager matches and showed a new MP map: Cuba.
  5. Arcane_Ace


    um, have you tried proxy avoidance? lol, works for a lot of people that work in the US where most companies use some type of web filter. you may want to put up how to do that for those (like myself) that have no idea how to do that
  6. Arcane_Ace

    47093- EBOLA.

    possible, but I dont know of any notable baseball fields there. at least none that would be suited to a bombing. seems to me they would want a crowded, populated area
  7. Arcane_Ace

    47093- EBOLA.

    well if we assume it was russians that were doing this in the video, we know they were developing jets at the time. could be for this? EDIT: The russians developed at least 13 MiG's between 1940 and the 1980's
  8. Arcane_Ace

    47093- EBOLA.

    Thank you! Also, there is no proof that 115 caused the zombies in WaW! Only proof that it is in the game and also that it is in the guns like the wunderwaffle. Maybe the virus cause the nazi zombies too? Discuss! Way to break that one down, and good ideas. Maybe the person we see put into a test chamber in one of the videos on the updated gknova website was exposed to 115 or ebola as a test?
  9. Arcane_Ace

    47093- EBOLA.

    So far nothing on 47993, but I will be looking into all the different possibilities! 47993 is the zip code to Williamsport, Indiana. I doubt that's relevant though lol
  10. Arcane_Ace

    47093- EBOLA.

    Idk, looks like 47093 to me... Could be wrong though. Any idea what 47993 could be?
  11. Arcane_Ace


    I disagree that they are live feeds. To me it looks like you could string them all together to get one long video. I may be wrong, or may have been done already, but its possible
  12. Arcane_Ace


    Anyone notice the various number sets around the room? 47093 is all i can make out right now but it shows up in 3 places. There look to be more as well but I can't read them.
  13. Arcane_Ace


    WTFZOMGBBQ!!!!!! sorry had to get that out of my system. this is what we've all been waiting for!

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