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  1. GermanZombiefreak

    Zombie Storyline and Ascension Clues

    First of all, welcome to the forums! This COULD be a huge find! You deserved ur first brains. [brains] to be honest, since HL and his GKNova0 stuff im very sceptical with those videos on youtube. Im not sure if this is real or hoax. But from a neutral point of view, it looks like a professional production for me. It took for sure an enormous effort to create all those documents in such an authentic way. Even the signature of Richtofen is in old german handwriting style. As a german i know how the slyle looked in the past. All in all it looks incredibly authentic that im confused now. :? So here´s my result of the first quick analysis: -photos of the characters: each character has a photo and kind of medical/psycological protocol signed by E. Richofen as their Doctor some parts are blacked out, Richofen only has Samanthas note. That could mean that Richtofen manipulates Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo as their subjects for something. Maybe he brainwashed them to accomplish his own goals not only to defeat the Zombies? Remember from W@W: "Beware of the Doc"? -the note of Samantha: "went down to the lake, stumbled on a secret, will not sleep again..." right next to the note is a space capsule travelling to the moon. In the later documents (video part C at 0:26) is a list of sources for element 115: Shi No Numa, Tunguska, Groom Lake, der Riese, THE MOON! -Takeos date of death: 12-08-1976 More findings will follow...
  2. GermanZombiefreak

    Show us your desktop.. Heres mine! V2.

    Hey guys, today i created my own wallpaper... if you like it, feel free to download it!
  3. GermanZombiefreak

    Black ops story

    To give a short answer: ITS EPIC! Maybe the best storyline ive ever seen. In my opinion, not even Half Life can top it, it was my all-time favourite before BO came out. Im happy that i have to play it again now! ...but this time on veteran... im sure it will be a hard challenge!
  4. GermanZombiefreak

    How COD:BO Trumps MW2.

    For me Modern Warfare IS ALREADY blown away! I can´t remember that shops opend at midnight for the release of MW2..? -At least in Germany... I´m 100% sure that Black Ops will hit some records and hopefully Infinity Ward will notice that they sucked with MW2. Next year Infinity Ward will simply copy the innovations which were created by Treyarch, give them new names and Modern Warfare 3 is finished. ;)
  5. GermanZombiefreak

    So what're y'all gonna do in the meantime?

    So ill spend my last "free days" with my girlfriend! After 9 th november she will have a really hard job to do to stay competetive ;)
  6. GermanZombiefreak

    False Alarm..

    WTF!! A NEW update? Do you know the total size of it? If its new we have to make investigations immediatly!
  7. GermanZombiefreak


    Yeah I agree. Thats f***ing shit! Since they have updated GKNova, the site is blocked for Germany. If they have cutted/censored the whole co-op mode in Germany, it would be like steal the engine out of your car! When u open the GK website with a german IP it looks like this: WE ARE NOT IN CHINA! D*MN F**KIN CENSORSHIP! Sorry for my language but im so angry about it. Lucky for me that I already have preordered the UK version via amazon England. :twisted: SO FUCK U GERMAN GOUVERMENT U CANT STOP THE ZOMBIE ACPOCALYPSE! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA P.s. @bmxiao Bestell dir das Spiel aus England, Österreich woher auch immer brauchst nur ne Kreditkarte. Wenn du später Hilfe brauchst helfe ich gerne. Hab da so einige Mittel und Wege das Spiel auch in Deutschland Spielen zu können. Wenn du die nichts schon selber kennst. Das sind halt die Bürden die man als deutscher Staatsbürger zu tragen hat. Rechtsanwälte rennen im Krankenhaus amok, aber die Gamer ziehen die Arschkarte.
  8. GermanZombiefreak

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    Sorry if U i might think i am stupid now, but for me it is a "black sun" not a moon! Further more did you guys mentioned that in Doggysty**-Rounds the brightness of the game fades a bit down? Its getting a bit darker, but why? Than I have another suggestion we could try: Play the game normal but DO NOT USE THE MYSTERYBOX! Buy only weapons from the walls! Activate power, activate all teleporters, upgrade a Weapon, activate the Flaytrap, shoot the teddy bears and the monkey. After doing that, you can go to the mysterybox. Maybe the teddy won´t appear anymore, because we shoot all his little friends and he´s scared. :?: Till now I didn´t try this by myself, but i will do this evening.
  9. GermanZombiefreak

    Whats ur Favorite upgraded Gun?

    The Reaper aka PPSH
  10. GermanZombiefreak

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    Hey guys, today I had a strange experience: I played der Riese in a 4 player game with some of my friends. Flytrap was activated, bears+monkey were killed in a random order and mr.monkey was burned in the furnace... We played the boring "camp-on-the-catwalk" strategy. I had the wunderwaffe DG3 and was sitting in the back of the catwalk to shoot out of the windows and on the stairway in front of us... So far so good. Near the end of round 25 all the zombies were still running to our location. Suddenly 3or4 zombies changed their direction and were running back to the side of the speed-cola or the garage. The other freakbags (maybe 20 zombies) were still running to our nice lil camping spot. Nobody dropped a monkey or something. I asked myself: what the hell are they doing? why they run away? are they scared to face the death again? Or maybe they want to show us something...? :shock: I tried to follow them but they were dissapeared! We (all 4 players) tried to find them but they were gone. The next round didnt start as well... No crawlers, no zombies, no nothing... After 10 minutes we just wanted to quit that game, suddenly two of them reappeared somewhere in the garage (or nearby) and killed my friend upstairs at the stairway of the garage! :shock: :shock: WTF was that? Where they were comming from? Everything looked normal nothing has changed! I played der Riese very very very very often but i have NEVER seen this before! :? Has anybody made the same experience? Or what do you think about it? Is this a part of the last secret we still have to solve? Im really confused right now. :shock: :?
  11. GermanZombiefreak

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    Any ideas? Teleporters Return to the mainframe via the sky yeah that makes sense... thx
  12. GermanZombiefreak

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    Hey guys, okay i have a new suggestion: What about this "Return through Aether" thing? Its written more than one time on the walls. First in front of Room Z-A, second in front of Z-B! æther means upper sky (heaven and space) in greek mythology. "Return trough the sky! huu? Any ideas?
  13. GermanZombiefreak

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    Hey guys, hey carbon, im pretty sure all hints are placed that everybody can find it. There is no need for noclip-mods or something. Further more im pretty sure that we have already found all hints, we just have to understand them right. In my opinion the (some)chalk writings on the walls are very important. For example: I am thinking about this "Embrace the trinity thing"(mainframe)... some guys said they want to tell us to get the wunderwaffe, raygun and monkeys. but i cant believe it because as you know ONLY ONE PERSON could get the "trinity". -Or maybe can we start an atom-bomb somehow? Im sure we cant´t. My suggestion: did anybody tried in a 3 or 4 player game what happens if 3 persons use all teleporters at the same time? Maybe the fourth player has to do somethin at the mainframe? Maybe some of you could try out what happens.. (if something happens ) Gretz from germany!
  14. GermanZombiefreak

    We need your ideas for zombie shirts!

    I would llik on the front the group 935 symbol (on the breast not to big). and on the back the teddy bear with a pistol and with the jogernog bottle in his hands (as in the animal cage) laughing at me teddy bear?
  15. GermanZombiefreak

    the question marks on the map

    The question mark at the quick revive possibly wants to show us the tunnel downstairs? when the wall is opend downstairs look through it! you can see a blue shining light and a shadow..? blue is not a natural source of light it must be something strange...

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