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    the question marks on the map

    Has anyone tried throwing monkeys on these objects? I can't ever do it cos I can't find anyone to try it with! Can't get everyone with monkeys either to try it. :cry:
  2. Lakers 24

    the question marks on the map

    As my XBOX isn't working,cos I'm getting the new one cos need bigger hard drive, you know if you throw a monkey in the furnace(Thompson room) it squeals and Sam occasionally says something. As I can't try this, is there for some reason a way of putting monkeys on all of the buring stuff near the question marks and does that do something?? Soz its a lamo idea, but I can't try it myself so I thought I'd post it.
  3. Lakers 24

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    My highest level is 32 but had some lamo angry guy kept on killing crawlers to "save time" :x . When we all run out of ammo but him, and he had the lamist weapons ever!!, he killed the crawler as we were upgrading weapons and we got majorly over run! GAME OVER!! He then sent us messages saying how crap we were when he didn't do anything for the whole fricken time apart from being down ever 5 seconds!!! :evil: Now can't find anyone online decent to play with! :evil: :cry:

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