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  1. nayt_FIW

    GT TV Video HERE: olny a single zomb

    One. More. Hour. How long after can we expect it to be up online?
  2. nayt_FIW

    What Is Your Highest Round On Der Riese?

    43 with 2 ppl. going for 50 next week:)
  3. nayt_FIW

    Surprize Attack is live!

    yeah i got a tgi fridays appetizer and then two cool backgrounds(which are probably already up all over google images by now) haha anyway i really want to win the madcatz controller so i dont have to fork out 50 big ones for it in best buy anyway good luck everyone:)
  4. nayt_FIW


    just a thought: maybe a pickup (such as nuke or max ammo) will enable a chopper gunner to come in for a while and the player could control it like a killstreak?!? reality: probably not but it would be cool none the less
  5. nayt_FIW


    bottom right tv has a hallway with what looks to be a quick revive machine ... and its deffinately not from verruckt/SNN/DR
  6. nayt_FIW


    not american.. look they have ak's
  7. nayt_FIW


    i think its a cigarette but whatever the whole site brings a tear to my eye :)
  8. nayt_FIW

    Last Wishes

    i dont want to see smuckers strawberry jelly litter my screen every time i take a hit or jump off a ledge.
  9. nayt_FIW

    Official Black Ops Multiplayer Reveal Topic.

    Haha just spit ballin, maybe by huge game mode he was being litteral. A game mode with a lot more players? Maybe(probly) not but maybe a game mode with three different sides/teams all fighting in one match. Anyway it's gonna be awsome whatever it turns out to be:)
  10. nayt_FIW


    Lime dude, be careful and Don't forget that if you leek goodies from mp an activison sniper will be deployed. He will track you down, and he will no scope you from a quarter mile away. The he will retrieve the black ops disc and torch your xbox, along with your house. And yeah you won't be able to hide because he'll have a heartbeat sensor. have fun
  11. nayt_FIW

    Black Ops Theme Song

    I can't remember anything from MW2's sound track that stuck out for me. That whole game was so "Meh" that I can't remeber much of anything, it's like remembering a dream except the dream sucked. I DO however remember the epic russian music and the intense marines music themes from W@W. Those were awsome.
  12. nayt_FIW

    I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    Same here. I only do it with friends, mostly when we are all out of ammo... And out of hope
  13. nayt_FIW

    I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    haha yes i know what you mean. me and my freinds call it an "I AM LENGEND finish" just grab a grenade and run towards the undead basterds. it feels epic
  14. nayt_FIW

    the question marks on the map

    they got bored and added pointless scribbles to the map. i dont know, everything that i thought has already been ruled out.. ugh thanks treyarch
  15. nayt_FIW

    I. Hate. QUITTERS.

    It's horrible on the iPod. My logest game without a quitter was to round 4. And for consol I don't bother trying to join a public NZ game. I just have enough W@W freinds so that arleast someone is always up for a private game of zombies.

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