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  1. agaguk

    BIG secret on Kino???

    I nocliped out of there and sure enough, no gorilla.
  2. agaguk

    More To Solve On Der Riese

    That date is the day the first train left Paris for Auschewitz.
  3. agaguk

    Black Ops Theme Song

    I can simply imagine Helter Skelter on that Payback mission... THE BEATLES FTW!! Either that or The Doors... That would make even more sense.
  4. agaguk


    Here's mine. I did this in 10 minutes but I'm pretty happy with the results.
  5. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Xenon is known to be released after nuclear explosions. The air force would go over germany to make sure they weren't going too far into there nuclear project.
  6. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Actually it was sent to 2 persons, but I understand your doubt. It could be very possible that it's just a fake, but it could be real too. It's pretty fun actually to learn about history that way (call me a nerd all you want).
  7. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    I'm pretty sure those numbers don't mean letters, although I could certainly be wrong. I used mod 26 and got all the letters from those numbers, but none of them made sense at all, so it's probably not that.
  8. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    If we can find the key, I have some good reasons to believe that a blowfish cipher is what the code is. The reference to that toxin from the puff fish (which makes me think of blowfish I dunno about you ) really seems to point out that. Only thing we need is the key. On this picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/paul1995/4 ... 610495490/ There are the names of 4 companies that were all involved in the IG Farben cartel. You can read more on that here: http://reformed-theo.../chapter_02.htm Go to the "American IG Farben" part, and you'll see all those names pop up. That's also where that picture came from.
  9. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Have you tried the pigeon cipher on this? Regards Snake. Why would you use a pigeon cipher on that text? I guess the masonic emblem under it could point out to a pigpen cipher, except that there isn't a single symbol from the pigpen cipher lol
  10. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    A whois search showed that they do not have the same hosts. I'm 100% sure it doesn't have anything to do with this, especially considering that all those numbers are isotopes of Xenon, which is known to released in large quantities after a nuclear reaction (That's how they were able to confirm that North Korea tested atomic bombs, there was some radioactive Xenon all over the sky)
  11. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    mold... hmmmmm. mold.... spores, maybe? in one of the live drop documents, it talked about someone (presumably SOG) finding dispersion canisters with a virus mixed in with the gas. so perhaps they were experimenting with viruses or spores to spread something? There were other words in italic both in the original and on the picture As for the punch cards, it's not that easy LOL... First of all, I have no idea how those things work, I was born like 10 years after they stopped being used, and even then, I don't think any computer exists that takes those cards...
  12. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    There is also the first page of the book "The Catcher in the Rye". The word "mold" is in itallic for no apparent reason, however it is the same in the original book too.
  13. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Only problem is there isn't anything punched...
  14. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    There was a picture where it was written "microcopy 892, roll 78" which refers to the Carl Krauch et al trial, which was also named the IG Farben Trial. IG Farben was a chemical manufacturer between 1925 and 1952. The most interesting part however is their logo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... 01.svg.png Doesn't that look a bit like the Gk logo? They also owned the patent to the Zyklon B gas, which was used in the concentration camps. I will let you guys imagine what this means... Now on to roll 78 in that microcopy, it refers to a von Schnitzler Wurster, however I was not able to find any records of him anywhere else. I however found a Carl Wurster who was in the IG Farben trial. He was the lead of the Inorganic division and worked on the Zyklon B gas. I hope this helps As for the other pictures, lots of them seem to be related to IG Farben, which was also implicated in a Cartel with the USA (Why a lot of them are in english). I am still finding stuff, but this what I found up to now. A German chemical manufacturer with a logo almost the same as Gk...
  15. agaguk

    New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Mikeh, I'm sorry if I did something wrong, but what are spoilers?

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