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  1. Two Wonder Weapons?

    It's possible, but the only weapon that's any good between them is the scavanger and it is even more rare than the ray gun.
  2. The True identity of the Thief!

    I will say I'm 69(Te-he)% in agreement, the zombification and Timetravel make sense to him being there against you and looking older. But I still have a little issue with it. Clarke was a CHEMICAL engineer not a physicist, why would he be working with the Teleporters like he does as a Chemical Engineer, that doesn't make sense. But, after working however long he was there he may have learned his way with the teleporters so I will say it is Clarke. (If calling him an engineer isn't right I apologize, but that is the closest thing I could think to call him. ) Wait.... MAYBE.....he is actually....ISSAC CLARK!!!!115?!!!! :!: :!: In case you haven't played it, I was referring to Dead Space.
  3. More To Solve On Der Riese

    FIrst to Limbsoup Stop trying to convice people to stop looking. If people want to search for something that "Might" be there let them, because what if there is? Second with the date I found was March 11 1942 MacArthur Leaves the Philippines Or November 3 1942 Hitler orders Rommel not to retreat at the battle of El Alamein. The first is at least a little useful to the Germans because it allows for better access to Japan. Maybe the meteor was in the Philippines?
  4. New Black Ops Documents Released !!! (NEW)

    Maybe IG is the predecessor to GK. Only now the have combined with group 935 and have changed sides, from Nazi to whatever it is now(American?). After all don't some of the GKNOVA6 files talk about some gas they made?