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  1. 47093- EBOLA.

    Thank you! Also, there is no proof that 115 caused the zombies in WaW! Only proof that it is in the game and also that it is in the guns like the wunderwaffle. Maybe the virus cause the nazi zombies too? Discuss! 115 would only cause it through direct contact, Ebola could spread through the air i dont think that this theory would work 'cause you remember in Verrückt Zombiagz came out of the earth cause they were DEAD and even dead ebola infected are still only dead but if i look at this theory with my hyped eye why not a modifyed Ebola virus like Ebola+115= Zombags?
  2. How aggresive are you while playing?

    hmmm maybe 12? xD
  3. GKNOVA6 Live Drop

    hi, i'm new to the forum but am following you guy's from the very beginning and i mentioned something wich (could be) important the guy on the poster , holding the 1911 pistol (?) is bleeding or is wounded on both hands and the guy in GkNova6 6th transition also, this combined with the "freedom 7" thing could mean: Black ops is the 7th transmision where you (the guy) somehow get out of the laboratory (after a brainwash?, or a hypnosis?) and take revenge ??? or maybe the whole game plays in your mind ( or only the cold war era) and you get free'ed at the end . a little off topic (maybe) but i hope this helps somehow :P